Why Pay for Handicappers’ Picks

Why bettors should pay for handicappers’ picks.

Key Points

– There are times when it makes sense to buy handicappers’ picks.

– Bettors have to put in the research to find a good, trustworthy handicapper.

Why Pay for Handicappers’ Picks

Most bettors never consider using sports picks or any type of betting help. Whether it’s an ego thing or something else, bettors will not buy picks from expert handicappers. Like the average bettor, handicappers don’t win all the time. The best of them, however, experience success, at least enough success for them to provide their services professionally.

There are a ton of services out there offering betting picks. It’s easy for anyone to share their betting “expertise” with the public now thanks to the internet. That can make it challenging to determine who is offering useful information and who is not. 

A lot of sports handicapping content is meaningless. There are some very good handicappers out there and the information they offer is definitely worth it. That’s why it’s important to find an online betting portal that provides quality information. 

There are instances where it does make sense to buy handicappers’ picks. In this article, we try to provide you with a look at both sides of the issue.

Why Buy Handicappers’ PIcks 

Sports betting is not an easy way to make money. Although anyone can do it, the majority of gamblers actually don’t. You need perseverance, self-control, plus a fair degree of sports knowledge to be successful. Bettors also need a quality online sportsbook. You must also invest the necessary time and effort to find the best possible bets on a given day.  

These conditions explain why buying handicappers’ picks makes sense. It is highly likely that you go to a full-time job every day and that job does not involve picking winning sports bets. Picking winners takes time and most bettors don’t have that luxury. That’s where the services of a handicapper can help.

It’s also possible that you just aren’t very good at picking winners. Maybe you’re still learning the ropes. It’s possible you just don’t understand why sports bettors lose. Whatever the reasoning, it can make sense to engage the services of someone who bets on sports for a living.

Paid picks can also supplement your own efforts. Most cappers will also include thorough write-ups with their picks. The write ups help explain the thinking behind the recommendation of a bet. With services like this, you pay for more than just the choices—you pay for the knowledge as well. 

This can be helpful for confirming your own judgments or pointing out any areas where your thinking could be a little skewed. It might also force you to consider things that you hadn’t previously thought about. Paying for picks can help you develop as a bettor. 

Purchasing picks undoubtedly has certain benefits, but there are also some drawbacks to take into account. 


Disadvantages of Buying Picks  

Selecting a picks service is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face if you decide to use a professional handicapper. There has been an uptick in the number of handicappers in the industry because of the growing popularity of sports betting.

There are numerous trustworthy and reliable services out there. Unfortunately, there are some that are just out there to take your money. It will take you some time and research to find a reliable handicapper that you can trust. Plus, depending upon a handicapper will not help in developing your NBA betting skills, for example.

We’ve already discussed how numerous there are and how challenging it is to pick out the ones that are truly excellent. Although the majority of paid services will offer some sort of history of their previous selections, you can’t always be certain that they are being completely truthful. 

The big disadvantage is that despite being a professional, handicappers don’t always win. The best in the business will win closer to 60 percent of the time, but that’s only six wins out of every ten bets. 

That brings up another great point. Buying handicappers’ picks have to make financial sense. If you are a small stakes bettor – $1 to $5 per bet – buying picks probably doesn’t make sense. If you are more of a $50 to $100 (or more) bettor, enlisting a handicapper for picks could help to generate some solid profits.

The only way to know for sure whether a service is any good is to use it yourself. Sometimes, this  can turn out to be a total waste of money. If it takes you a few attempts to find a service that helps you win money, you could have done some harm to your bankroll. 

Making a Decision

There is no assurance that you will regularly turn a profit, even if you are able to identify a service that provides a lot of winners. Cappers experience dry spells just like any other gambler. When your picks guy is losing, you’re still paying the bill. As a result, you’re losing bets and the fee for your picks.

Remember to do the math to make sure you end up with a profit. For example, you choose a service that charges $50 per month. For sake of the example, the handicapper likes betting mid-major college basketball teams at even money (+100).

You get 10 bets per month and the capper wins at a rate of 60 percent. That means you will win six bets and lose four. If you bet $25 on each wager, you will end up making $50 in betting profit. You’ll win $150 (6 x $25) and lose $100 (4 x $25). 

The problem here is that you must pay that $50 to your handicapper so you break even. It would make no sense, in this case, if you bet less than $25 per wager. If you bet more than $25 per bet, it makes sense to buy the picks.

Not all services are the same. Some charge less; some charge a lot more. If you don’t wager much, it might not make financial sense to buy picks. Higher stakes bettors have a lot to gain from the assistance of a handicapper.

The Last Word on Handicappers’ Picks

There are advantages and disadvantages to buying picks. Ultimately, it is your individual situation and preference that will determine whether or not it makes sense for you to do so. 

Keep in mind that every bettor is different. Some know how to bet NFL totals; others do not. For some, paid picks are absolutely ridiculous. For others, buying picks from a pro is how they end up making money from sports betting. 

The key is finding a service that is trustworthy and reliable. Look for a service with a proven track record. If you can’t find out how a service has performed, that should raise a red flag. Any service with ridiculous claims in the long run is another red flag. 

The best in the business post wins of 55 to 60 percent. They may have some outstanding runs over a week or month, but long term, they win 55 to 60 percent of the time.


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