Who is going to win the NBA Western Conference?

This is the final week of the NBA regular season as we gear up for the NBA Playoffs. And quite possibly the most competitive division in the entire league. Even the Lakers, who are at the bottom of the division looking up, are still only 6 games out. 

1st year coach of Sacramento, Mike Brown, has done a really good job with the Kings this season. After winning just 30 games last year this Sacramento Kings team definitely looks like they have gotten things together this year to make a real run to be division champions. With a strong offensive team and a team that can pass the ball as well as they have, Sacramento certainly has a strong advantage. Domantas Sabonis has been dominant with his rebounding and excellent passing skills along with the speedy scoring game of De’Aaron Fox has been really tough for teams to deal with.

The Clippers, who just have not seemed to be able to stay healthy over the last several years are right in the thick of things. They’re defense has improved from last year’s ranking and this year they seem to be much more in sync. Los Angeles certainly haven’t shied away from knuckling up as their ability to smother teams on offense verifies and that definitely is the reason why they will stick around. The double threat of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are both putting up 23.2ppg and 22.1ppg, respectively, looks like it’s coming together as they had intended.

Golden State has great experience on their side, Draymond Green and Stephen Curry both have 10+ years behind them and Klay Thompson brings up another 9 years. Their ability to put up a ton of three balls and put points up on the scoreboard is still a lot for any team to deal with.  And that definitively gives Golden State Warriors an advantage to be able to win big games or close games. The offensive firepower spread across this team is a real problem, with 4 guys scoring 17 or more per game – there’s no question they are always a threat on the court. 

The Phoenix Suns have one of the more underrated defensive squads in the NBA. They’ve been able to shut down passing lanes against almost anybody and they have the ability to spread out effectively on defense as is shown this year as they’re sitting at 1st in 3p shots given up in the league as well. Adding future HOF’er Kevin Durant to the team, along with Devin Booker, who has been excellent with his 27ppg on deadeye shooting is certainly going to make teams a bit more leery when facing them, although the team needs to improve their discipline quite a bit. 

The LA Lakers may not be nearly the team that was expected to come out of Los Angeles for them but even playing very inconsistent basketball this year, they still find themselves only 6 games out of first place. And quite honestly, whether you like him or not, LeBron James is still playing exceptional basketball this season and honestly, any team with him on it, even at his “ripe old age” of 38 is still a problem to deal with. Of course, now the big question is whether James will be available and playing anymore this season.

Sacramento and Phoenix are the 2 favorites for the division based on Sacramento’s ability to pour on the points, and Phoenix having a strong defense, having what looks like a massive addition on offense, on paper, and having been excellent vs the division. Golden State on the other hand, I just don’t think they have enough of a game on the road, to withstand the rest of the season and win the division, and regardless of how good LeBron is, if he even plays anymore, I just don’t think the Lakers have enough in general to do it either.

When the dust settles, I feel with their ability to play defense and adding more firepower on an already good offense – Phoenix with KD is the favorite odds on to end up winning the Pacific.


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