How to Bet NFL Totals

Learn how to bet NFL totals.

Key Points

– Betting NFL totals can be a profitable endeavor.

– Understanding NFL key numbers is a must for totals bettors.

How to Bet NFL Totals

If you are an experienced bettor and you know what you are doing, betting NFL totals can be highly rewarding for you. Bettors, both seasoned and recreational, place a significant amount of money on the total scores of games played in the National Football League.

Why not try to win more often than you lose, regardless of whether you are an expert player or just playing for fun?

Understanding the NFL Totals Market

NFL totals, like NFL props, can be a fun and easy way to add an extra layer of excitement to your NFL betting experience. It is important to remember that NFL totals can be unpredictable, but with solid research bettors can reap the benefits in this market.

It helps to understand how these bets work. Placing a wager on the game total involves making a prediction on whether the final score will be Over or Under a point total that has been established by the oddsmakers. The goal of the bettors is not to identify the exact total. 

It makes no difference what happens in the game either. The cumulative final score is the only item that is taken into consideration. A bettor who placed their money on the Over when the total was set at 50 and the game ended with a score of 28-24 – a total of 52 points – would come out on top.

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Know the NFL Key Numbers

Understanding NFL key numbers is the first step in developing any NFL totals betting plan. The scoring in NFL games tends to be more consistent. Field goals are worth three points, touchdowns are worth six points, and kicking an extra point is always worth one point. NFL teams do not attempt as many two-point conversions as college teams do. Knowing these numbers can help the NFL bettor in the totals market.

The point total of 41 is reached at the conclusion of a greater number of NFL games than any other possible total (3.82 percent). The next number on the list is 40 points (3.75), followed by 51 (3.67). Each of the top ten totals—41, 40, 51, 47, 44, 43, 50, 55, 33, and 37—occur with a frequency of at least 3.0 percent.

A total of 14.24 percent of all NFL games end with a final score between 40 and 44 points. The totals bettor can use this information to his advantage when handicapping games. 

It also helps to do your research and find the best sports lines and odds.

Benefits of Betting NFL Totals

Betting totals in the NFL is a great way to win money. That is the key benefit to betting this market. It takes careful research, but smart bettors can find good value and capitalize on these bets. It also pays to have a great sportsbook.

One of the great things about betting totals is that you don’t have to worry about picking a winner. That can take some of the stress out of betting on NFL games. Betting totals can be more enjoyable when you aren’t worried about a winner and a loser.

Betting totals also gives you the opportunity to bet on games you might not otherwise watch. Because you have a wager on a game, you would be more inclined to watch. The game becomes more engaging and more enjoyable. Plus, you’ll learn about other teams and players which can help for future totals bets.

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Factors That Influence Scoring

Bettors that wager on totals examine a variety of factors that influence scoring after first gaining a knowledge of the numbers. 

One of the things to look at is the offensive and defensive performances of the two teams competing against one another. Teams that have strong defenses typically do not allow a large number of opponents to score against them. This is frequently reflected in a relatively lower game total.

It’s the same with offense. The total will reflect the fact that two high-scoring teams are competing against each other when that situation occurs. Some of the most recent #1 QBs drafted will contribute to high-scoring teams.

 In the National Football League, a total in the 50s is considered high, and it typically occurs when two teams with greater scoring averages compete against each other. 

The weather is also a consideration. Playing in situations that are chilly, damp, and rainy typically results in fewer points being scored. Games played in domed stadiums do not have to worry about weather. Bettors take this into account when betting totals on indoor games.

One other factor has such a strong influence it requires its own section.

Wind Speed

The wind is one of the most significant elements that can have an effect on the final score of an NFL game. When it comes to today’s pass-happy offensive strategies, stronger winds provide challenges for offenses.

The weather begins to have an effect on the total when the wind speed reaches at least 8 miles per hour. When the wind is blowing at least 8 miles per hour, the under hits much more frequently. Teams have difficulty throwing the ball into the wind. Kickers are also affected by strong winds.

In games expecting high winds, NFL totals bettors should be sure to do their homework before placing a bet. Winds affect baseball too. Will Aaron Judge be the MLB MVP?


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