Run Your Bookie Business with Some Help

When you only have a few clients, running a bookie isn’t too time consuming. However, as you grow, the time it takes to run your business increases and you’ll need help running things smoothly.

Firstly, let’s take a look at some of the main tasks a bookie has to complete on a daily basis.

Daily Tasks to Complete as a Bookie

  • Accept/Grade Wagers: It wasn’t long ago that bookies accepted all wagers and then graded them manually. These tasks can be automated and will save you a ton of time.
  • Set/Update Odds: Even setting lines and updating them for the NFL is a big job. Now times that by dozens of sports leagues. There’s no way a single person could set and update the odds everyday. You’d have no time to run your bookie and find new clients.
  • Keep Updated Reports: Bookies need to track every single bet. You don’t want to spend your time updating daily financial reports when they can be automated using software.
  • Provide Support: Your players will likely have questions and prospective players coming to your website may have questions. While it’s important to communicate with your players, it isn’t feasible to answer all support queries, which is where having support agents helps.

Running a pay per head sportsbook is a ton of work and requires help. However, you don’t need to hire a team when you’re a new bookie just starting out. What you need to do is partner with a PPH service that’ll provide you with the platform to run your bookie, plus help with running your bookie.

A pay per head service will automate most of your daily tasks. You’ll have your own website where your players will be able to sign-up and start to bet. You can customize the entire experience and settings, such as the vig you want to charge, credit limits and much more.

The odds for major sporting leagues around the world are updated 24/7. Your players will be able to bet on a huge variety of events 24/7. The more options you give gamblers, the more you’ll win.

Financial reports are updated in real-time using PPH software. You’ll know exactly how much money you won/lost on a daily basis and you can breakdown the reports using various filters. Want to know how much you’re winning/losing on a specific sport or a specific client? You can.

PPH shops also have agents to accept telephone bets from your clients and offer support. You still get to keep all of the betting profits. You simply pay a weekly fee for each of your active bettors.

It’s a lot easier to run a sportsbook business when you have help from experienced people. If you try jumping into the bookie business on your own, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed. There’s simply too much to complete in a day for a single person to run a growing bookie business on his/her own.

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