Use your PPH Service to Maximize your Profits

In this article, we’re going to discuss ways to maximize your profits using your PPH service. I’m going to assume your PPH provider offers all of the features we discuss. If you’re provider is missing some of the features mentioned, it may be time to find a solution that offers more features.


The majority of PPH providers charge anywhere from $1-$10/head per week. Depending on how big your player list is, you can negotiate the price per head to about $5-$7/head at the best providers, which provide you with every feature you could imagine and likely some you didn’t know about.


To save a few dollars weekly per player isn’t worth losing out on features that could maximize your profits, so it’s not recommended to choose the cheapest PPH service, as you may earn less.


Offer a Casino and Racebook


In most cases, opening a casino and racebook with your sportsbook will improve revenues and in turn improve profit margins. PPH providers have the technology to offer an all-in-one gambling solution for your player list effortlessly and we’ve seen some bookies have huge casino revenues.


A lot of sports bettors love to gamble on anything just for the action. They may have a rough night betting on the NBA and decide to play your casino games to get back their losses. More times than not, the player will end up losing more and you’ll maximize your profits.


Keep in mind, online casino slots can offer relatively big payouts, albeit rarely. Make sure you have the bankroll to cover losses from the casino games you provide. Also, set betting limits where you can afford a player going on a win streak without costing you months of revenue.


There’s more risk to manage, but the potential to boost your profits is worth it.


Set-up Player Profiles


When you use a PPH service, the software allows you to set custom player profiles for each of your clients. It’s important to set-up these profiles as needed. For example, you may want to limit one of your players from betting on props because they’ve shown they have too big of an edge.


Another example would be to shade lines. If you’re operating bookie with local clients in NYC as an example, you may want to shade the lines on New York teams slightly. Typically local bettors enjoy wagering on local teams, so shading the lines is a smart business move.


Some of your players may notice and stop betting local teams with you, but most recreational sports bettors aren’t going to notice you shading lines slightly. Plus, most won’t even care as long as they trust you and know that if they win, you’re going to pay them out quicker than offshore bookies.



Offer All Available Betting Markets


You may know nothing about Japanese baseball, but your players likely don’t either. You should still offer all of the betting market available through your PPH service. You can monitor how your players are betting and if you notice a couple are crushing you, you can limit them on those markets.


However, for the most part, offering the biggest range of markets is ideal. Bettors will chase losses and if you have nothing to bet on, they’ll look elsewhere. I can’t tell you how many times a bettor has had a rough night and then placed a larger than normal bet on a Japanese baseball game or on an international soccer match that they have no clue about.


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