Take Full Advantage of you PPH Sportsbook Service

For anyone that has ever been a bookie, you know what a blessing it is to have a PPH running the show. The PPH industry has revolutionized how bookies do business and for those that have yet to discover the benefits; there isn’t a better time than now. In an ever-changing business environment, you must take full advantage of everything that is afforded you through your PPH, you must find the best ways in which to be competitive with pay per head services.


What are the advantages of a Pay Per Head service?

  • Organization: Bookies must be organized, and they must have their ducks in a row when it comes to knowing who their clients are and how much they spend gambling. Knowing your clients is the key to success in this business. Everyone know they need clients and of course, without clients, there is simply no business on any level. How do bookies keep clients? The first step in keeping any client is to be organized. Unorganized people are conceived as a mess and clients quickly run the other direction.

*Example: What happens when you go to a grocery store and you can’t find anything because there are pallets full of merchandise spread out all over the aisles and workers everywhere stocking shelves with empty boxes strewn about? You are frustrated, your shopping experience has just become stressful, irritating, and exhausting. You no longer want to shop in this place of business, there are other stores in town and you know where they are, and you are willing to drive there or do whatever it takes to eliminate the headache of shopping where you are now.



**The same is true of the bookie industry. If you are a bookie that’s unorganized, in upheaval, hard to track down, and basically unreachable, your clients will not stay with you, they will be gone with the click of a mouse, it’s that easy. The competition for bookies is fierce and there are opportunities to gamble on the web everywhere. Do not become a victim to this.

***The bookie business is not always easy, in fact, it can be downright difficult, therefore, you must position yourself to take full advantage of the offerings of a pay per head service. Use them, rely on them, it’s why they are in business.


The pay per heads have come along and made the bookies life much easier than ever before.

  • What pay per heads offer is a turnkey sportsbook, racebook, and casino all-in-one. They offer it quickly, and affordably.
  • A fantastic pay per head starts at around $10 per head, per player, per week. This means that you pay $10 for each player that plays with you at least one time during a fiscal week. You never pay more than once, and your player may make as many bets as they like. They can make one bet, or 100 bets or more, for the same low price of around $10.
  • The pay per head does all of the work for you, they set you up with an all-inclusive website where your players can go online from anywhere in the world and play, 24/7.
  • They offer a full Las Vegas style casino, with a world-class racebook, that offers more than 75 of the top tracks from around the world.
  • Accounting services: The pay per head does all of the accounting for you. You never again must wonder where your money is going. Now you have full control of your money, you see where every dollar went and when every dollar came in. You have access to financial and player reports 24/7, on demand.
  • Security: As a bookie you must be operational at all times. The minute your website goes down or the minute that you are unavailable to your clients, they wait for you… WRONG! Even your most loyal and faithful clients will not wait for you. They know they can get their bets in elsewhere and that’s exactly where they will go. Don’t let this happen. Word of mouth travels fast and your reputation means everything. The minute you go down is the minute you start losing money. With a reliable pay per head, you will never have to worry about down time.
  • Bet slip grading: This job sucks and if you have ever been a bookie on any level then you know what grading bets consists of. There is nothing worse than having to sit up until 4:00 AM grading bet slips. It’s sure is nice to have all of the action but nothing is worse than this task. You are reclaiming your days expenditures and the days take, sorting out who you have to pay and who lost. The pay per head software does this for you. Never again will this be your worry.

There are many more great ways in which a pay per head will boost your business and the best way in discovering just how to be competitive with a pay per head is to sign up for a free trial and see for yourself. The best PPH companies on the web offer an extended, no obligation free trial. You can get your feet wet for no up-front cost and discover the open door in front of you.


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