Super Bowl Football You Can Bet On

Well, sports fans, Super Bowl LIII is upon us. It seems like just yesterday that the Hall of Fame Game was played. Here we are six months later as the marathon which is the NFL campaign, comes down to the last few yards.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, the excitement level skyrockets as everyone watches the game, and one way or another, just about everyone bets the game. There are office pools, squares, and with more and more states legalizing sports betting, this year’s handle should set an all-time record.

Remember this, that during the regular season, between college and pro football, there are approximately, 70 or so games on the board each week. Many football bettors out there will that have not made money this season, will double up on the Super Bowl. I think this puts those people in a dangerous situation. Many, that made some money, look to this contest to make more. Once again, a dangerous situation. There is one more “dangerous” take on this game. Some look at it as the last chance to wager on pro football for six months so they swing for the fence. If you really like this game, then by all means, go for it. But, if you are just playing the game for entertainment purposes only, then tread lightly and have fun.

First, I want to talk about Super Bowl “prop” bets. With each passing year, the popularity of prop bets gets bigger and bigger. The Superbook at The Westgate in Las Vegas is the premier establishment in the world for props. The evening of Thursday, January 24th, they put out their 442 two-way props and more than 100 options. The Westgate opened their windows to lines 30-deep. As of penning this column on Thursday, January 31st, the Westgate has taken approximately 1.65 million in prop wagers. The bulk or betting hasn’t even come in yet as Thursday and Friday we see highways coming into town and activity in our airports increase. There are two types of prop bettors. Like my wife, who will take a few hundred dollars and bet a slew of $5 and $10 prop bets just for fun and have entertainment, action, and laughs the entire day. Then there is the serious bettor looking to make a score. Wiseguys or “sharps” have been cleaning up on prop bets for decades. If you are looking to make money with props, then you MUST look at one thing…VALUE. Betting on the coin toss or how long Gladys Knight will sing the National Anthem is for the earlier prop bettor.

Below are some prop bets I feel have value:

Longest FG of Game 47.5 yards-OVER -110.

Shortest FG of Game 26.5 yards-UNDER -110.

Will the Patriots Score a TD in 1st Qtr-YES -110.

Total Gross Passing Yards by Brady-282.5-OVER -110.

Total Rushing Yards by Brady 1.5 yards-OVER +130.

Longest Rush by Brady 2.5 yards-OVER +140.

Total TD Passes by Brady 2-OVER -110.

Total TD Passes by Brady 2.5-OVER +170.

Total Rushing Yards by Michel 76.5-OVER -110.

Total Rushing Attempts by Michel 17.5-OVER -110.

Total Receptions by White 4.5-OVER -150.

Total receptions by Gronkowski 3.5-OVER -110.

Will Gronkowski Score a TD-YES +170.

Total First Downs by Patriots 23.5-OVER -110.

Will Goff Throw a 3rd Qtr TD Pass-YES +140.

Will Goff Throw a 4th QTR TD Pass-YES -120.

Total Receptions by Gurley 3.5-OVER -110.

Total 3rd Down Conversions by Rams 5.5 OVER EVEN.


Will There Be a Safety-YES +600.

Will Game Be Decided By Exactly 3 Points-YES +375.

Will There Be a ST or Defensive TD-YES +200.

Will There Be a 2 PT Conversion Attempt-YES +145.

By Joe D’Amico of


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