Super Bowl LIII – Patriots Vs. Rams, Betting the Point Spread

The Los Angeles Rams are the young upstarts that are playing in this years Super Bowl that features an opponent in Tom Brady and his 9 appearance in this game. There is truly not a better quarterback to have probably ever come along than Brady. Is he beatable? Yes he is. He has lost three of these contests’ and he had better plan to show up big in this one against a very good team in the Rams. Brady would of course laugh at our threats, after all who are the Rams? Right, but who were the Eagles last year and most definitely the question should be asked; who was Nick Foles? He was the guy that beat Brady by eight points and handed out a third Super Bowl loss to both Brady and Belichick! If you wantb to make a straight bet on the side, America’s Bookie have set the point spread in this one at Patriots -2.5.


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For all of those that may not be 100% in the know about how point spreads work, it’s like this-the Patriots are favored in this game and the odds makers are saying they must win by 3 points in order for the bettor to win. The Rams can lose by no more than two points, should you decide to bet them.


Superbowl: New England Patriots (11-5, 9-7-0 ATS) at Los Angeles Rams (13-3, 7-7-2 ATS)

When: 6:30 PM ET, Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

Where:  Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta Georgia

Current Line: Rams + 2 ½ | Money Line +120 | Patriots – 2 ½ | Money Line -140 | O/U 57.5

TV Coverage: CBS


What the Patriots bring to the table—


They bring experience and a whole lot of it. This Tom Brady led Patriots team is now making their 9th appearance in the Super Bowl and the point spread favors them once again. These guys are aficionados at this game. Brady knows it like the back of his hand and their will be no surprises. He has literally seen it all and done it all when it come to Super Bowl play. We can’t stress this enough.


They also bring the 14th best defense in the NFL. Now we realize that’s not the best, it’s not exactly 2nd, 3rd or even the 5th best defense in the league but it is 4 points better than the Rams. The Patriots are allowing 20 points per game this season and the Rams come in allowing 24. The kicker to this number is the offense. The Patriots are scoring 27 points per game against 32 for the Rams. Can the Patriots slow the Rams down?


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They won’t need to slow the Rams down. They have a rushing offense that puts up 127 yards per game and the Rams are allowing 112 yards on the ground. With a rushing attack such as the Patriots have, coupled with the best quarterback to ever play the game; the Patriots should be the favorites.


What about Jared Goff?


It’s a great question. He has put together a great year with more than 4,000 yards passing and 32 touchdowns along with 12 interceptions. He is good, very good. This is his first Super Bowl appearance and for the 4th year player from Cal, this is his moment. How will he do. He will be nervous from the onset but that will quickly fade and as he sets in, he will be fine. The problem is not that he won’t be fine, the problem is the Patriots linebacking core will give him big problems and force him into mistakes. Think the Patriots can’t score beyond their average of 27 points per game? Think again, ask the Kansas City Chiefs how many points they can score! They scored 43 against the Chiefs in Boston and then 37 against the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, in Kansas City.


The Bottom Line—

The Point spread in this one is close and this game is no doubt going to be close but in the end, the Patriots have the experience and know-how to get the job done. They did it on the road in a hostile environment in Arrowhead stadium and they will most likely beat that 2 ½ point spread in Atlanta. Enjoy the game and win big. Beat the bookie this Super Bowl.

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