Is Dak Prescott the right QB for the Dallas Cowboys

It should be noted all great QBs need some semblance of help. They all
need at least receivers who can catch something, and a running back
who can pick up crucial yards, there is not one single QB who can do
everything by himself on the field. Football is the ultimate example
of a team sport – with great completeness and awesome “chess-like”
play during the games.

Dak Prescott can be overrated and has been horrible in games, with 55%
passing and multiple interception performances, and has had a QB
rating under 70 over the last 2 out of 3 years. But he is still the
face and is the future of the Cowboys. Dak has been a winner, with a
32-16 regular season record, and he still gets no respect from many.
Even after their 30-22 loss in the Divisional playoff game vs a much
better Rams team, Prescott had one of his unexceptional games, with
just putting 1 in the endzone, and some poorly underthrown balls. But
the loss cannot wholly be put on his shoulders. A run defense which
was holding teams to just 3.6 YPC for the prior 6 games, was simply
outmatched, giving up a whopping 5.7 YPC. He has thrown well in the
clutch when it matters for his team, with 5 game winning drives over
the 2017 season. His knack to make big plays when pushed into a
corner, and with 5 games of 270 YDs or more over the year – is
comparative to Derek Carr or Marcus Mariota. Yet, still Carr and
Mariota are looked at like franchise guys and the future leader for
their teams.

It is an 11 man game, bottom line. Every team rumbles through changes,
good and bad trades, with some complaints and some are made with
controversy. But can the QB and keep it together and win despite the
changes? Dak may not be Drew Brees or Pat Mahomes with eye popping
throws and massive numbers. But, the 25 year old QB still gets it
done, not unlike Brees or Mahomes – just in a different way. Alex
Smith was winning games for years and was quietly successful for teams
he played for. And he was a low yardage, efficient and game managing
QB – that no one praised and raved over – but he did enough to win
games for his teams, year in and year out. Dak has that strong kind of
leadership, with no fear.

Dak has a lot to work on, with his throwing ability, and some of his
decision making – but he is on a seasonal average of winning 10.6
games a year through his first 3 years. Cowboys fans, I would think,
most would be satisfied with those kind of numbers for the team, to
always be in the playoff conversation. And in 2017 – when Zeke was
sidelined for 6 games, they still won 9 games, they probably would
have won 2-3 more games had #21 been playing, and he would have
complied even bigger win numbers. Why should Dak be judged any
different than other team leading QBs or other QBs that just get the
job done?

The Cowboys are built around Zeke, first and foremost, which is what
they should be, and their upcoming and exciting D, with a nice LB crew
and their nightmare DE, Demarcus Lawrence. The ‘Boys have had their
share of great QBs in their great history, from Staubach to Tony Romo
– and as good as Romo was in his prime,  Romo never had a defense that
had his back like Dak has on the field right now. Dak has been pretty
average with his passing TD totals and passing YDs/game – but in the
right scheme he’s been getting it done, for the most part. He may not
win games with his arm – but will effectively use the weapons around
him to take the team home.

I would think most would agree – it is better to get the W – than to
be a stat monger – loading up with massive stats, but being a loser on
the field. He is the QB that the Dallas Cowboys need right now – being
that they have arguably the best RB in football right now, Zeke, and
now a big play WR, in Amari Cooper, to compliment him. Dak Prescott is
not flashy, he isn’t putting up the 400 YD, 4TD games every week – but
no one could argue that he doesn’t get the job done.


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