Sports Betting-Growing – Offshore is Still King

There are no signs of slowing in the sports betting world in fact, just the opposite. Sports betting has never been bigger and the offshore bookies are facing new competition with brick and mortar betting shops. Now that betting is legal in the United States beyond the state of Nevada, many are asking what are the advantage of having an online bookmaker?


If you have one of the new fangled sportsbooks in a town near you maybe you have been, it’s likely that you have been. You are a sports bettor and what we do as sports bettors is find new ways to win. There is certainly nothing wrong with a fun place to go and watch the games while betting them. This has been the allure and appeal of Las Vegas for a very long time.


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What may come as a surprise to many is how well the offshore bookies have been doing since the news of the US Supreme Court ruling in favor of gambling. They are booming! Bigger and better than ever before. The recent data show that the US Supreme Court has helped the offshore gaming industry by leaps and bounds. We know why, the answer is an easy one. There are more than a few reasons and every serious sports gambler tells the same story.



No matter how close you are to a brick and mortar gambling hall, there is nothing like getting up at 3 in the morning and making a bet in your underwear! Really, think about the privacy for a moment. When you bet with the offshore guys, you have nobody looking over your shoulder, you can bet how you want to bet and without the influence of others around you. The peace and quiet along with the privacy is priceless


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Lines and Odds:

The brick and mortar guys and being charged an arm and a leg to do this business. Much like the legal use of Marijuana, there is a price to pay in taxes. The bookies are getting tagged to the tune of 35% and up and these charges must be covered. It’s called good old fashioned VIG or juice. This reflect back to you the consumer. Who wants to spend a fortune on juice? Nobody, and one of the main reasons for using offshore bookies is for the great juice in the first place.  The offshore bookmakers have the reputation for having the best juice in the industry and they do have it consistently. If you want great lines and odds then you must do business with the offshore books.


Betting Options:

The offshore bookies have the competition beat by a mile in this category and it’s not close whatsoever. The options and wagering menu that you get online is much better than any brick and mortar sportsbook. They offer every line, every prop, every exotic bet along with every future bet that’s known to man. Not only do they offer the betting options, they offer the many crazy ways of betting those sports. Such as reverse action, live wagering, dynamic live wagering and much more. Again, it’s all done from the comfort of your home.


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The most annoying thing ever as a sports gambler is to be in the sportsbook and have people ask who you bet or how you are doing today with your bets. This is the worst and if you are at all superstitious, you can’t say a word to anyone and t really can get in your head.

Find several great online bookie and start making money during the busy season. Now is the time that nearly every sport is playing. The online guys offer great bonuses to make a pile of extra cash and you will never find a bonus with the local people. You might find a free soft drink if you are lucky and even that’s doubtful.


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