Lamar Jackson is NOT the answer in Baltimore

It seems nobody ever seems to know which Flacco is going to show up week in and week. When Jackson is in the game its a run-first offense and the Ravens have a very solid defense as well. . Maybe playoff Flacco will show up this week and throw for 350 and 3 TDs – but then again maybe 3 and out check down Flacco could also show up. No one really never knows with him. If the Ravens fan-base are going to be disappointed for another season, and go 8-8. Maybe they would like to have it end in different fashion than the same old stuff they have already seen.
The Ravens went and drafted Lamar Jackson for the exact case like this. Despite the mixed responses, if we are being honest, the Ravens had to start looking for their guy to succeed the 33 yr old Joe Flacco.  He has tossed a total of 74 picks from 2013 to 2017, entering his 11th season, Flacco has been boring and predictable – trying to keep fans attentive at times. Jackson is a hope of at least giving them a boost and bring some excitement to watch.
When an NFL team burns their 1st round pick on a QB, that team is looking at that guy as the savior and the face of the franchise. When Baltimore jumped back in and grabbed Lamar Jackson at 32nd overall – I felt it was reaching for a longshot. But they did it, they fell for the hype – and took the “running” QB. The risk is big enough when grabbing a QB in the 1st, especially when jumping back in to grab one. Teams can often find a legit starting QB in the mid to late rounds. Remember, for every Carson Wentz or Patrick Mahomes – there is a Paxton Lynch or Johnny Manziel who was drafted in the 1st round. Jackson had certainly shown a great rushing ability, with 2 seasons in college of 1500+ rushing yards – but his ability on playing QB at the NFL level is questioned due to his poor decision making and terrible accuracy. His passing skills and his ability to read all his progressions has been nothing short of bad. As Lamar’s last season for Louisville ended terrible passing over the last 4 games in college, his lack of QB ability is reaching a high right now. And opinions are flowing in like an over flowing creek from everywhere.
Lamar Jackson was another spread offense QB in college. Where he never had to sit in the pocket, and become an NFL – type passer. Mississippi State wrecked him in the bowl game in 2017, keeping him to 171 passing yards, 41% passing and 4 picks. The NFL is at another level, his bold running and cuts aren’t going to shake anybody here. Jackson is no different then all of the other spread offense QBs in college. Run the ball 15 times, pass vs zone defenses, and look great while doing it. Lamar isn’t going to just plow over defenders as a QB in the NFL. A QBs jobs is to look to pass first and be accurate enough with pressure coming in to play a full game from the pocket. Not look for option 1 or 2, then take off if things go south. A QB with the added ability to run – needs to be able to choose when to run, and when it’s there. Running QBs get hurt – they typically have more turnovers than anyone else as well.  With the big exciting plays, comes the threat of fumbles and more poor decisions.
The point of the matter is, that how good he can be is 100% up to Lamar Jackson. If he takes the time and learns to feel the pocket and how to go through progressions to go along with a great ability to run with the ball – that could be awesome to watch and almost impossible to defend. He needs to address his weaknesses, and make the next step in his lacking game now. I do have some serious concerns about his football IQ and his possible ability to adapt. So it will be hard for him.
His collegiate numbers would have looked so very different if he played more big-time teams than he did. He had only 5 games of passing 62% or better in 2017. Lamar looked unstoppable and incredible when playing the likes of Wake Forest and North Carolina. But when playing teams that had a decent defense he looked rather average.
He is just another RB, who has a decent arm, who got into playing the QB position, because of great hips and fast legs. Baltimore will spend 3 years of head shaking, until they realize it was a mistake to grab Jackson. There have been far too many QBs like this not panning out in the NFL. And as time goes on, and he starts taking more and more hits he will get injured, as is what always happens with the “athletic QB.” That’s always the ultimate concern with these types of players. The NFL requires QBs to be able to step up into oncoming pressure and make the big throws from the pocket. Lamar Jackson will be no different, with his poor sense of routes and lack of patience. Jackson is an inevitable bust. Another QB with no football IQ – who is built solely on his running ability. That isn’t an NFL QB.
RGIII has 4 years behind him, even though just 6 TDs and 9 picks since 2014 – he has the potential that the fans could look to. He can make the NFL throws, although he can move when things get crazy, he can actually throw the ball. Griffin never quite bounced back after his injury – which derailed his potentially bright future. He has shown he can light it up when feeling good – with 11 games with 2 or more TD passes. And it was known he also had an amazing off-season, and was really good in the preseason as well. He should be looked at for the team, not Lamar Jackson.
See ya next year Baltimore Ravens!

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