Sports Betting – Defeating the Dog Day Doldrums

The Dog Days of Summer have not so quickly snuck in and grabbed hold of us, and they’re not letting go. With NFL teams having reported to training camp, help is on the way, but don’t let opportunity pass you by, especially when it’s in the form of value.


The MLB season is a 162 game grind; some teams were already out of the playoff race before the calendar turned to May. Imagine being a major leaguer on a team like that? Even though you’re getting paid millions for playing a game you enjoyed as a child, it still has to be hard to get up for every game over a 5 month period.


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It’s no secret that MLB has become a home run vs. strikeout league. For the first time in MLB history, hitters are on pace to record more strikeouts than hits. To further my point, the strikeout rate per game is also at a historically high 8.51 strikeouts per game. Need more? Not since the “Year of the Pitcher” in 1968, which is significant because it was the last season before all pitching mounds were lowered five inches, has MLB’s overall batting average been as low as it is this year, .248.


Although homers are slightly down from last year, balls are leaving the park in droves. 31 players currently have 20 or more home runs, with 14 of them having 25 or more. Three players have the distinction of being in the Top 10 in both HR’s and SO’s; can you guess who they are? Joey Gallo (26/139), Aaron Judge (26/137) and Bryce Harper (25/116).


Why am I going off about these? Don’t worry it’s coming. To backtrack a bit, the purpose of this article was to help get you through the Dog Days of Summer. After studying this season’s numbers, I’ve found value in betting the MLB Grand Salami. These bets encompass an entire day of baseball. Sometimes a quick look at the probable pitchers will sway my mind towards a particular side.


If you’re not sure what the Grand Salami is, they are usually always OVER/UNDER bets factoring in every game that day. The most popular bets are the TOTAL RUNS and HOME vs. AWAY RUNS. These are not only profitable bets, but they are also very fun, because it includes a large number of games.


I like to bet OVER the total runs, what’s more fun than wagering on offense? Let’s see JD Martinez have a 3 homer game, or watch Jakob Junis give up back-to-back-to-back jacks in the first. A day with a full schedule will see a line between 135-140, depending on various factors.


Besides probable pitchers, other things to keep a close eye on hot/cold streaks (both teams and players), injuries, weather, general wear and tear and maybe most important are team’s transactions. Like I said earlier, the Major League Baseball season is a grind. Players get banged up, and depending on the state of team, some elect to play through injuries, because having them at 70% is better than most others 100%.


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With the non-waiver trade deadline about to pass, those teams that have been out of the running since May usually will be sellers. Players watch teammates cleaning out their lockers, and on the way to play for a contender. This has to do something with a players psyche. Conversely, when a team like the Dodgers watch a player of Manny Machado’s status walk into the locker room, it will fill the room with excitement and optimism. The psychological side of baseball is possible bigger than in any other major professional sport.


Watch out for how weather will affect the game. Which way is the wind blowing and how hard? What’s the humidity, because an elevated humidity reading will keep those fly balls flying a little longer.

I hope I accomplished my goal of helping you out of your Dog Day Doldrums. If I did, you’ll not only have a better understanding of what to look for, but also a fun way to bet on the entirety of a MLB day. A side note would have to include looking into live dynamic live betting if you haven’t already done so…it’s as fun as any other betting type out there. Good luck and happy betting.



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