Betting Football -What’s Easiest, NFL or NCAA

The 2018 football season is here. The first weekend of the NCAA is over, and it was fantastic! The good news, the NFL starts on Thursday and this season promises to be better than ever. You certainly don’t want to miss the action coming up and for the distance of the entire season. The NFL never disappoints, every week brings a new surprise as well as new storyline. The same goes for the NCAA. College football is thrilling to watch and even more exciting to bet. There are huge spreads and knowing how to bet them can be a challenge, but it can certainly be rewarding.


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The NFL along with the NCAA are fun but very different. They can both make you a lot of money and knowing how to play the cards each week is vital to staying on the plus side of the gambling ledger. The NFL is often thought of as being more difficult to win than the NCAA. Often this can prove to be true but more often than not, with experienced football bettors, this is simply not true.


Why the NCAA is easier:

The NCAA has more games to choose from each week. This upcoming week there will be more than seventy games that offer a line with some kind of odds! That’s a lot to choose from. In the NFL, there will be 16 games to chose from. This is an obvious and very big difference. Choices mean everything in the NCAA and when it comes to betting, you have enough great options that if you work this correctly, you can make a lot of money and a lot more money on college rather than playing the NFL.


The other factor that makes betting the NCAA easier; the spreads. They are often huge, and they often cover. Vegas and the offshore sportsbooks have been doing this for years and they know the numbers. Of course, they get some games wrong and that happens but for the most part, they are on the numbers. The rule of thumb when betting college football is this; the big numbers cover 70% and more. Example: Ohio State vs. Oregon. Ohio State came into this game laying -38 points. Many folks said it would not cover, the final score was Ohio State 77, Oregon State 31. Alabama covered huge as did many more examples from the first week of action.


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In the NCAA, there is much lopsided competition. Example; Boise State playing Troy in the first week or Oklahoma playing Florida Atlantic. Both of these games covered the spread by an overwhelming margin and the games were never close, and not one time was the spread in doubt. For these reasons, the NCAA is easier to win at than the NFL. A little handicapping goes a long way in the pursuit of beating beat some of the great online sportsbooks.


Why the NFL is easier:

The NFL features 16 games per week until the by weeks start and after the by, there are between 12 and 14 games-usually, depending on the NFL schedule from year to year. This means that you have much lees game to choose from than you do betting on the NCAA but at the same time, you can narrow your focus, and handicap with more accuracy.


Smart NFL bettors chose a handful of teams and handicap them from week to week. The best thing to do is play a few, to win a lot. Figuring out what teams will have a winning record at the end of the season is a great way to know how to bet. Find a great handicapping service to help you if you are unsure or simply don’t have the time to research. There is a lot of money to be made betting on the NFL and it can be easy or difficult. These guys are experienced pros, they are not kids and the rookies that are playing; they are elite, blue-chip players that were drafted from big name schools— most of the time.


Both the NCAA and the NFL are extremely fun to bet on and they both offer big rewards. The key to success is studying the game and having a plan. Find handicappers to help you and don’t go this alone.



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