Warriors Take Commanding Lead | Where Do the Cav’s Go from Here?

The Warriors are in 100% complete control of this NBA Finals and it’s not thanks to J.R. Smith. He still had to make the shot. Smith is getting all of the blame for the colossal meltdown in the opener but this is just bogus. The meltdown had nothing to do with Smith. Could he have made a better choice, of course but again, he still had to make the basket and would have been defended by at least three Warriors. What about the free throw? That was more of a debacle by Hill then Smith. It was a freebie to go up one and he couldn’t get it done. What about overtime? The Cav’s were outscored 17-7 in overtime and James had two points. The Cav’s bottom line, is failing to execute when it mattered and when it does matter. LeBron James had 51 points and they still can’t find a way; that says it all.


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The Warriors did what they were expected to do and that is protect home court advantage. The Cav’s nearly stole one and that would have no doubt changed the tenor of this series. It didn’t happen. The Warriors hung on and nearly covered the point spread in game one and buried the point spread in game two by 9 points. Game two was all about Steph Curry and the Warriors going on a shooting terror. They simply overwhelmed the Cav’s. Most of the offshore bookies have Wednesday’s game line set at -4.5 with a total of 217.5, and a moneyline +160. These numbers are all over the board so be sure to check with your favorite bookmaker for the latest and get in early. The Moneyline will move at least 10 points before tipoff.


The Cavaliers will be hard to beat at home so think twice before clunking down a boatload of money on the Warriors in game three. This is not a game prediction but rather a thoughtful game analysis. If you are looking for a solid prediction then you must check out a great game adviser site. Look for one that has a free trial and one that has a great number of sports handicappers. It could pay off dividends in this game and series. These folks handicap sports for a living and they know the trends.


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The Cavaliers and LeBron James have a different mindset at home. Cleveland is one of the most difficult places to come away with a playoff victory and Wednesday night will be no exception. Friday night will be the same. The going will be tough for the Warriors. The Warriors have a bad habit of looking past road games, they have a weird psyche. They win when their backs are on the wall, when they don’t need to win to stay alive; they tend to play down and often lose these games.


Count on the Cavaliers to come out blazing on Wednesday night and count on them to score at will in the first quarter. This is a great bet in and of itself-the first quarter. Be sure to look for the first quarter odds with your betting site and jump on it.


If the Warriors want to win game three they must not let Cleveland go nuts in the first half. They must control the tempo and match the intensity. LeBron is angry and he will have a big game, this is what he does and how he responds to big moments. As we all saw in game one, 51 points didn’t matter. The rest of the team must step up. This week promises to be fun filled with finals action, check it out.



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