PPH Services that you can’t Miss

The best price per head services are now available to the general public for a mere fraction of the price they used to be. More than 20-years ago, a group of independent bookies from Costa Rica put their heads together and decided they needed something different. What made these bookies unique is the fact they all were once rabid sports gamblers. Not only do they see an online sportsbook from a bookies perspective, but they also see it from the gambler’s perspective.

The bookies realized something, they realized they were not programmers, nor did they have anywhere near the experience or knowhow to come up with a software program that could take over the day-to-day operations of an online sportsbook. What they did was hire the proper professionals to create such an operating system and those professionals did just that. They created a top-notch bookie software program that was designed to do the entire job and even the everyday task of a local bookie. The software was a big hit and an instant success, however not all was grand in utopia land! The Bookies had a big head and decided they would charge a fortune for their newly invented product. As a result, nobody bought it. The bookie did the smart thing and held onto the idea and reinvented it some years later with a more affordable price point and the rest is history – bookies everywhere want in. The PPH software for bookies is the best thing going and it’s a can’t do without necessity.

The Best Services that You Can’t-Miss—

Lines and Odds: It doesn’t take a genius to realize that you must have sharp lines if you intend to acquire much cross-action. Cross-action is your life bread, you can’t live without it and you must be offering the very best in the way of lines and odds if you want to build a client base that believes in you.

The price per head, sets the daily sports offerings (the events for more than 80 sports from around the world), they set every event for you as well as set the lines and odds. Not only do they take care of this but it’s highly organized into individual categories that are easy to read and comes with a state-of-the-art interface that as user-friendly as clicking a mouse. You have to do absolutely nothing. The best part of all this is that you maintain control. You may have experience and/or a very good working knowledge of line movement and you will have full control to change lines and odds as you wish.

Accounting/Reporting: This may sound boring and it is to be frankly honest, however, it mandatory that you set a budget and live by it. Only you can know what your budget is and where you set it at. You are in charge of your finances and you must stay in control of who can bet what amounts and what your limits are. Your betting limits will be what you dictate them to be and nothing more. DO NOT let players talk you into taking more than you are comfortable with losing. Remember, this is a gamble and you are gambling. Sure, you live off the juice and cross-action, however, a loss is a loss and you want to limit losing every chance you get.

With a PPH you have on-demand financial and player reports at your fingertips. These reports are available to you 24/7, anytime you choose and there is no charge.

Customer service: You need it for your clients. They are going to demand it. They demand it now and it’s a guarantee they will continue to demand it. You’re in luck; with the PPH you and your clients will have exclusive access to a toll-free hotline that’s accessible from the United States and it’s manned by gaming knowledgeable agents that speak English. Your clients will also have the option to phone in their bets should they chose this option, or should they need the option.

No matter how you break this down, you need the services of a price per head if you want to earn a six-figure income. You can’t afford to keep going this alone. Call now for a fantastic free trial that will give you access to an online sportsbook, casino, and racebook. The first month is absolutely free.

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