Moving on from Derek Carr is the right thing to do for the Raiders

When Derek Carr was drafted back in 2014, the Raiders were looking at a kid who had some clutch ability along with a nice touch, when slinging the ball around. And his rookie year he put up 21 TDs, 3,270 passing YDs and so again, Raiders fans felt that they had a guy who had great potential and could possibly be the guy to get them to the next level. 

In his 9 seasons as the Raiders quarterback Carr has become the franchise’s leader in touchdown passes with 217, but he still has yet to get any playoff wins as they still only have a 0-1 record in his time there. He has certainly had some really great games, when he threw for 513 and 4 TDs back in 2016 versus the Bucs and he’s also had some terrible clunkers like he did against the Steelers on 12.24.2022, when the 6-3 QB put up just 174 passing YDs, 3 picks and completed just 53% of his passes. He has had some games of terrible inconsistency, now don’t get me wrong, every quarterback has up and down games. It’s just the amount of games that are lousy, compared to the good games, shouldn’t be in the same ballpark. For example, after 15 games this year, Derek has 8 games of completing 59% or less of his passes, and that’s not good. I can fully understand how Raiders fans are starting to get frustrated with him. 

They brought in All-Pro wide receiver Devante Adams this year, believing that Carr having a stud WR like Devante would be the missing cog and this team would be much better than they were last year and good odds to make the playoffs.  I just don’t think that the difference between this year and last year has been any better. If anything, they have declined. Adams has been very good with 1,290 YDs and 12 TDs – but it goes to show, there’s a lot more problems in Las Vegas than just getting a wide receiver on the team. 

Derek Carr has been an adequate QB, but after his benching – it certainly looks like it is time to move on from the 31 year old quarterback from Fresno State. Carr gave them 9 seasons of quarterbacking – but they will be looking to see if they can replace him with a better option. 


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