Are the Eagles the team to beat

Last year Philly was just 9-8, lacked a strong passing game and pass defense, but they won 6 of their last 9 games in 2021. This year’s team has shown excellent defense and great confidence. The big question is, does their 5-0 record mean much right now? Would they be better off at 3-2, or 5-0? What would you want for your team? By this point of the season is usually when the good teams oftentimes set the bar. Over the last 11 years – 21 teams started 5-0 and made the playoffs, so starting off 5-0 has shown to be a good omen for teams. I certainly think that any of the other 31 teams would like to be sitting there.
So, yes, it means something.

Granted their schedule hasn’t been the toughest. They’ve played less than “the top of the top” teams, with a combined record of 11- 15 of their opponents, taking the Vikes out of the equation, it’s a 7-14 record. And of course, there’s a difference between playing good teams and winning and beating teams with top 5 draft picks last year. But a win is a win. Jacksonville had the #1 rush defense going in, on a rainy ground battle all day and they got run all over, losing 29-21. Philly trudged along for 210 yards and 4 rushing TDs. Minnesota is 4-1, and have a lot of firepower, and they wrecked them 24-7, and let’s not forget about the 9 sacks v Washington, in a 24-8 slaughter. Which was one of the most dominant performances by the Eagles on defense, in over a decade, and they didn’t let up. Jared Goff is putting up an avg of 271 yds /game for Detroit, and was held to 215 vs Philly, as the Eagles got the W, 38-35. 

This isn’t to say they are perfect of course, most notably their offense in the 2nd half of games. They have only scored 3 TDs through the 3rd and 4th quarters in 2022. Against the better teams, they might lose those games, they can’t get conservative with a lead. I have never been a fan of the “just hang on” mindset. Better teams can come back and win games when trailing. 

One of the biggest things they have going on this year that looks excellent, is their Oline and Dline.  They have had some dominant offensive and defensive line play so far, not many teams have both, so when both lines are taking care of business, it puts that team a favorite. This defense has been really solid, with 17 sacks, 6 picks and only giving up 189 yards /game through the air. I am really interested to see how their offense does against a high powered defense, like San Francisco or the Cowboys to get a good gauge as to just how good they are. So far, they look deadly. They’re crushing QBs this year and are a huge reason for their success.  

They need to continue to take it one game at a time. What they are putting on the field could show a semblance of 2017, and if you are a Philadelphia fan, you have every right to be excited. This team seems to be very tight. They also seem like they all like being around each other, which is a huge asset for a team. They seem to have a smart and decisive coach who has shown he can put together a team that knows how to win, and they are still developing. Gear up for the NFL Playoffs with 10StarPicks.

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