The NY Jets are pretty good

You have to figure, by law of averages, at some point, things would have to turn around for the Jets. A team that had a 55 – 106 record since 2012 are now sitting at 6-3 and 2nd in the AFC East. This is something that I am sure that if you asked a Jets fan back in February, if they would have believed it, the answer would have been no. The Jets are also one of the younger teams in the NFL, they aren’t against the ropes in a win now situation, saddled down with a bunch of high priced vets. They are putting it together with young guys, from the ground, up and 10StarPicks like their chances.

Their former BYU QB, Zach Wilson is building some chemistry with his young receivers and running backs this year. Wilson, the 2nd overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, struggled as a rookie, completing less than 56% of his passes for 2,334 yards, 9 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, as the Jets finished 4-13 overall. The 6-2 gunslinger took a lot of chances trying to force things on offense, this year it seems at times, he sometimes holds onto the ball a bit too long. Almost as if he is trying extra hard to not throw a constant pick, which could be messing with his confidence. And this year, as of this article, Wilson has thrown 4 TDs, 5 picks, 1202 yards and has a 48.1 QBR – nothing great, by any stretch of the word – but all are improvements from last season. It’s been a slow growth for him, but he’s been far less reckless and has been making some timely plays. It seems when the team’s offense gets moving, Zach starts making all kinds of throws. He has been allowing the team to lift him, instead of him trying to lift the team. Which may sound a little backwards, but he seems to just do what’s needed. If the Jets can get Zach to where he needs to be, this team can be scary. He is growing, albeit slowly, and if anyone still thinks that this team is better off with Joe Flacco being the QB, then they’re completely delusional.

The hitting by the Jets defense has been some of the hardest hitting I’ve seen this year, they have 3 guys to the ball every time. You could see it in the body language of opponents, they are feeling it. Getting up slowly, they look disjointed, this green dome defense has some nasty sting. They have been building their team through the draft and changing the teams culture, both of which are the right plan. Sauce Gardner was drafted 4th overall in 2021 and this year he has a league leading 13 passes defended and also picked up 2 picks and is already regarded as one of the best CBs playing. TE Tyler Conklin has been a great player on the field with 33 catches and 3 TDs, he gives Wilson a safety net if things are breaking down. DT Quinnen Williams has been playing at a top level with 7 sacks and 17 QB hits already – both upgraded from last seasons’ numbers. And their running game has been special – with 2 RBs who have been putting up 4.85 /carry this year between the 2 of them. Michael Carter and Breece Hall both bring good RB play as well as both can make plays with their hands out of the backfield – which makes them that more dangerous, Carter has 526 total yards, and Hall brings 681 total yards. They both are great pieces to this new feel, new look Jets team, when they rush for 93+ they are 6-0. And a good defense always works great with a good running game – they are linked, like peanut butter and jelly, and their D is at 8th in oppg giving up just 19.6 /game.

I don’t think even the most optimistic Jets fan had them at .500 this point of the season – but here we are. If they continue building momentum, teams will need to start being very cautious when playing them – the Jets dont look like the automatic “W” on the calendar this season. They are playing with no fear, a young team, no expectations, no pressure – they are putting it together, one game at a time. Having beaten the Dolphins and Buffalo out of their 6 wins so far – they are not fading away. They have their chips in the middle of the pot, and they are playing. The next section games of the schedule are going to be interesting – if they win 3 of the next 4 then they can be in business. When a team is this young there is a learning curve, and what they have put on the field has to feel great.

Jets fans have to be happy and their odds to make the playoffs keep improving!


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