3 NFL teams that will make the postseason that didn’t last year

I think most NFL fans know that every year there are teams that don’t make the playoffs that everybody expected to make the playoffs. 
And then, of course, there are always going to be a handful of teams that make the playoffs that didn’t make it the previous year. We’re going to take a moment to look at a couple teams.

Minnesota Vikings

Last season’s record; 8-9
Is this the year that the Minnesota Vikings finally, after years of rebuilding, are going to be the season they make a run? They have a quarterback in Kirk Cousins that obviously puts up numbers and can put the ball in the end zone, they have wide receivers who are in the conversation as the top 5 duos in the NFL, between Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen. And when Dalvin cook is healthy he is an absolute problem for teams to handle, with his dual threat capabilities. Green Bay had some huge changes that they’re going to have to deal with, Chicago still doesn’t seem like they’re ready, and Detroit is…..rebuilding.

Denver Broncos

Last season’s record; 7-10
It doesn’t take a genius to look at the big move of getting Russell Wilson as an enormous grab for the Broncos. With the team that has a quarterback like that, and his ability to throw the ball with great accuracy, and having an offensive line that can actually keep him upright so he’s not running for his life. That is going to be incredible for him at his age. Last year the team went 7-10 and ended up in last place in the division. Nobody can convince me that upgrading their quarterback situation from Teddy Bridgewater to a future hall-of-famer in Russell Wilson, is not going to get them another 2 – 3 wins. Denver has been that team that so many felt was just a quarterback away, now we’re going to see it put together.  The AFC West is going to be a brutal division, but I definitely see them fighting for a playoff spot.

Baltimore Ravens

Last season’s record; 8-9
The Pittsburgh Steelers losing their leader in Ben Roethlisberger is definitely going to take them out of playoff contention this year. Even though Pittsburgh was not a great team and backdoored their way in last year, this year there is no way that happens, and I think Baltimore is the team to be fighting for that division against the Bengals. Baltimore has a QB who can do some pretty incredible things on the field with his athletic ability, as long as he stays healthy and this team can continue to play the defense that they have, they’re always going to be a threat to win 11 or more games. The Ravens had a pretty nice offseason with draftee Kyle Hamilton and signing Kyle Fuller moves like that are going to give them a good push to make the tourney.

I’m looking forward to seeing what teams surprise us by getting in.  I’m also looking forward to seeing what teams surprise us by not making it into the playoffs.  There’s always some big changes every year in the NFL, who are going to be the top teams?
We don’t know.
We just think we know.
But, these are some teams that I think should be watched for to make the postseason, after last year’s disappointments.


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