Russell Wilson makes the Broncos immediate contenders

Anyone who has been a fan of football can certainly respect Russell Wilson and what he has done in his career.  With 5 seasons of 3900 or more yards and 7 seasons of 26 or more TD passes – it’s certainly not hard to see why so many in Seattle adored him. He was the brave leader on that team for 10 seasons helping to compile a 104-53-1 record in that time. Along with the ability to make big plays happen against all odds, he was always a lot of fun to watch, if you’re a Seattle fan… and if your team was playing against them, not so much. Having won Super Bowl XLVIII back in 2014 and having made the playoffs 8 times. 

In 2021 the Seattle Seahawks won just 7 games – the lowest win total in 10 years, they looked like they were ready to start sliding down the scale. With a great lack of opportunistic scoring with a failing offensive scheme with an old, seemingly out-of-date, coach, they have been lacking greatly as a team and in direction. The only reason the Seahawks were even in the conversation of playoff runs was because of Wilson and his ability to make plays. As he was stuck running around behind a terrible Oline – he will now have what should be, a much better front where he should be able to have protection to throw the ball. 

With the QBs Denver had over the last several years between Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock they just could not get over the hump, both quarterbacks were average at best. Bridgewater was probably their best option but his health was, and always will be, a concern. And Drew Lock just does not have the it factor – as his ability to read defenses and complete passes were always well below average, oddly enough he is now in Seattle. Denver also carries a top 5 defensive team, they only gave up 18.9 points a game last year and having a tackling machine like Bradley Chubb back and healthy – he is only going to keep getting better. They also have nice receiving talent in Jerry Jeudy & Courtland Sutton. 

Russell is a quarterback who’s very accurate and makes plays, who can still move around outside of the pocket when things break down.  He has a good arm, but when he has a good running game that makes him even better. The Denver Broncos have a better run game than Seattle does – between Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon III getting carries, teams are going to now have to also be very mindful of Wilson in the backfield. 

Wilson is going into a division with some exceptional QB talent that he will be battling all year long.  Playing KC twice a year, and then also playing Herbet and San Diego and a rejuvenated Raiders team, it’s going to be a tough division to win.  Yes – I feel that the Broncos gave up a huge haul for a 33 year old quarterback, and in the long-term, Seattle probably will still be okay down the road. But – Wilson going to the Denver Broncos immediately puts them in contention for that division, and Seattle will not be challenging for that division this NFL season


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