What city has the most passionate fan base?

There are many great regions that love their sports teams, but what and how someone ranks a city in regards to their passion, could be subjective. It’s easy to be passionate about your team or your teams, when your local teams are always on top. To me, being passionate about your team from your city and your region means that you love your team even when they’re looking up from the bottom of the standings. When everybody else is slapping your team around, you still love them and you still support them. But I don’t just want goons, I want to look at the fans who are smart and know their sports also.

New York has a great fan base as they have a love for their sports teams. New York has a very loud fan base that always wants to be heard, and if you don’t hear them, they’ll crank it up another notch. When you win in New York, the whole world is watching, and when an athlete is playing well in the big city, it’s always a huge accolade. It also seems regardless of the team, if it’s doing good or bad, they still fill up the arenas and cheer on their teams. And they’re also very quick to give you a “New York salute” on a moment’s notice to the opposing fans.

Boston is a very interesting competitor. Beantown has more than its share of championships with 17 with the Celtics and 6 with the Bruins and 9 with the Red Sox. And we have to put in the Patriots as far as the region goes, and we all know the passion they have for the Patriots and their 6 championships. So it’s pretty obvious that winning is something that the Boston area knows a lot about. Even when the Red Sox went through their horrific “Bambino curse” for 86 years, that City still cheered on that team relentlessly. The fans in Boston can make things very uncomfortable for opposing teams and fans, as well as embracing their players and their teams even when not playing at their best.

One cannot talk about a passionate Sports City unless you mention Philadelphia. With teams in the city including NBA, NFL, baseball, and hockey, they have all sorts of outlets for sports. We know the stories about how Philly treats opponents when they’re in their stadiums or arenas. They are aggressive and can be quite unruly. The ugly stigma that Philly fans have is there for a reason, they have a lot of emotion, a lot of passion. But the one thing but I just can’t get behind is how frequently and quickly they turn on their own. All it takes is a couple of bad plays or poorly played games or two and before you know it, the crowd will begin to boo their players very quickly.

In the end I have to give Boston the nod. LA fans are too laid back. They get to the games late, rather sit on the beach and watch their teams on TV. Not as passionate as other big cities. They have a ton of knowledge about sports, and they stick with their team through thick and thin, whether it’s good or bad.

When the Celtics were playing lousy they still showed up when the Patriots got rid of Tom Brady, they immediately embraced Mac Jones. When the Red Sox finally won the championship in 2004, after their legendary drought – even if you’re not a fan, you had to be happy for the fan base for sticking with that team as long as they did. They have legends like Tom Brady, Larry Bird, Ray Bourque, Bill Russell, & David Ortiz. The list goes on and on of Hall of Famers. They are without a doubt, hands down, the most passionate sports city in the country and big sports bettors!


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