3 things about the Toronto Blue Jays that shouldn’t surprise us

The Toronto offense was a destructive monster last year when they racked up 5.22 runs per game. Why would it surprise anyone that they are still pummeling teams for hits this year? They have no shortage of power on this team.  With 5-6 guys who can get around the bases quickly and several guys who can put the ball into play and get across home plate. Their ability to hit the ball has 3 guys hitting .267 or higher, with at least 90 batting attempts. Each one of these guys has patience and a great eye at the plate. That experience and I know exactly where they want to put the ball at the Major League level. Their power. Last year, this team slammed out 262 dingers. The fact that they have 3 guys with some big-time power shouldn’t surprise anyone that they’re still putting the ball out of the park this year. The team on the whole, is sitting in 4th place across the majors for home runs hit. With the team they have, it wouldn’t be surprising for them to end the season at another 260+. Matt Chapman has recently found some power over the last couple of years, in the seasons where he’s playing 150 games or more, he’s cranked out 27+ home runs. George Springer also can crank the ball, with 2 seasons with 34 or more homers, his most recent one in 2019 when he slammed out 39. And of course Vlad, who ripped 48 last season.

We know that Vlad Guerrero looks like he’s going to be a superstar for many years, that’s expected from him, but there’s another guy on the team that I don’t think many people pay attention to.  Alejandro Kirk is also only 23 years old, he hit .242 last year, chipped in 40 hits, and was able to cross the plate another 19 times in 60 games. Some people were unsure what to think of him. It was a very middling season.  So far this season after 25 games, he is hitting the ball at a better rate, at .270, which is 3rd on the team, and he’s also in the top 3 for walks and OBP at the plate. I don’t understand how some people questioned this kid.

The Jays have been able to win on the road with good consistency.  They travel well, the bats don’t shrink, and they can handle the pressure of long road trips. Last year they went 44-38 on the road, which was best in their division.  This year, as of this article, they are tough on the road again, which helps putting them in 3rd in the division. Obviously if a team can win on the road, that helps so much more.  

I think more people need to understand that this team is not just going away and are catching everyone’s eyes in Las Vegas.  They have a lot of talent, some good young talent, along with a mixture of some great veterans baseball players.


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