Anonymous Online Sports Betting

Anonymous online sports betting is the way to go.

Key Points

– The way to go anonymous in online sports betting begins by choosing an offshore sportsbook.

– Keeping one’s sports betting activity private requires some diligence.

Anonymous Online Sports Betting

Privacy is a huge issue in today’s modern technological world. Every time you use your smart device or a home computer, you put your personal and financial data at risk.

In the sports betting industry, it is no different. Bettors have grave concerns about giving up their information just to place bets. When using a bookmaker that is working outside US jurisdiction, you get a sports betting edge.

Sportsbooks recognize that there are sports bettors that wish to remain anonymous and they have found ways to cater to them. Those in search of anonymity in sports betting must first begin by going offshore.


Why Go Anonymous?

Think about making a simple online search on your home computer. That simple transaction is captured in a number of different ways by a number of different entities. 

That is why many people choose to use VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, when they go online. Using a VPN helps to protect an individual’s personal and private information. 

Going anonymous in sports betting means a bettor can sign up for a betting account without giving up any personal or financial data. There are plenty of offshore sportsbooks that do not require any documentation prior to signing up for a betting account.

Try doing that in a European or U.S.-based sportsbook. There is too much regulation in onshore sportsbooks. They require all sorts of personal and financial information upon opening an account. Go offshore and get online casino and facebook access too!

Go With an Offshore Sportsbook

With less regulation and red tape to cut through, bettors can sign up without sacrificing their data first. This is one of the huge advantages of using an offshore sportsbook. It also helps cut down the time it takes to register for a betting account.

Another big advantage in using offshore sportsbooks is that they will accept cryptocurrency. That is how you can really keep all of your sports betting transactions anonymous. Ease of funds transfer makes getting started easy. Plus, the all-inclusive nature of todays online sportsbook puts a million gambling options at your fingertips.

Offshore sportsbooks have been accepting a number of different cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin is the most popular – which make deposits and withdrawals in and out of a betting account anonymous. Well, almost anonymous.

Choose Cryptocurrencies Wisely – Anonymous Online Sports Betting

Bitcoin and several of the more popular cryptocurrencies are known as transparent cryptocurrencies. What that means is this.

Bitcoin, and others, do not allow any personal data to be divulged in a transaction. What they do allow is for the details of the transaction to be seen. 

So, bettors using Bitcoin are almost anonymous. Pseudonymous would be a better description. Even that is good enough for most sports bettors in the market.

For those that really value their privacy, they should choose non-transparent cryptocurrencies like Monero and ZCash. These are known as privacy coins since no data at all can be captured when making a transaction.

Bettors that combine an anonymous sportsbook with the use of privacy coins can go “dark” and stay off the radar. The only issue would be if a bettor decided to transfer some of the digital currency into traditional currency. 

That can only be done through a crypto exchange. These exchanges are heavily regulated and, as a result, require personal information in order to make the transfer.


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