NBA’s 5 most Underrated Players

We always know the top players, and who the main guys are on a team. They are the ones who get all the highlights, they’re the ones who get all the media coverage, they’re the ones who have top jersey sales. But, there are also a whole lot of players who are vastly overlooked. The guys who not everybody knows their names, the guys who are very important to a team’s success, and the guys who are really good, but not enough people get their eyes on them.

These are some of the most underrated players in the NBA and your playoff odds from America’s Bookie as seem by the VegasTopDogs staff.

SG; Anthony Edwards, Minnesota
21.4 ppg / 4.7 rpg / 3.7 apg
The exciting guard in Minnesota has been explosive and deadly for this team for the last 2 seasons. And now he has really come into his own as he is 5th in the NBA for SG PER. His shooting has improved tremendously since last year – his FG% is better than James Harden & Fred VanVleet, both players that are very highly respected. His first step is wicked and he has the clutch gene to make plays when the team needs it most. He really is truly an amazing talent who has the ability to be a scoring champion very soon.

SF; Desmond Bane, Memphis
17.5 ppg / 4.5 rpg / 2.5 apg
Playing alongside superstar Ja Morant is not necessarily going to be easy for anybody in that position, but he has improved his scoring output, rebounds, and assists/game that he racked up last year. His 2.9 threes /game puts him into top ranked 3p against other players in his position. This is a guy at just 23 years old, who is only going to get better. He needs to be acknowledged for what he does on the court. He’s got a great build, and can bang and bring physicality on the court, he’s also a very pure shooter.

PF; Tobias Harris, Philadelphia
18.1 ppg / 7.1 rpg / 3.5 apg
When he played for numerous teams during the 2012-  2018 timeframes, he was always a solid player. Now, playing with the Philadelphia 76ers, for the last 4 seasons – he has become a very important key to their success. Scoring 19ppg and also getting 7rpg he has been a very underrated cog in the success of this team. He arguably has the smoothest shot on this team.

C; Robert Williams, Boston
10.0 ppg / 9.8 rpg / 2.0 apg
The “Time Lord” has been a beast on the defensive side of the ball and with his exceptional shot blocking ability, he has been the heart of the Boston Celtics interior defense. When he took over at Center for the C’s and has started grabbing valuable minutes for this team they have improved. He has quietly racked up 20 games with 3 or more blocks which is outstanding, especially for a guy with a mere 52 starts.

PG; Dejounte Murray, San Antonio
20.3 ppg / 8.4 rpg / 9.4 apg
Murray has been an outstanding surprise for the Spurs. Being drafted 29th overall in 2016 was certainly not a mistake. He has shown the incredible ability to score, hit the glass with authority, and be able to get good looks for his teammates. Even though the team is sitting at just 12th in the West because of a lack of defense – Murray is far from a reason why they’re struggling. He has lit up teams for a triple double on 12 occasions this year, he is still just 25 years old – it’s definitely time for more people to pay attention to this kid.

Of course, there are many players in the NBA today who are putting together some really nice seasons, and some really nice young careers. But, these, in my opinion, are some of the most underrated guys playing today.  


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