Are You Looking for a Sports Betting Edge?

There are many ways to find your sports betting edge. Let’s get into them.

Key Points

  • Buying sports picks can help a bettor gain an edge.
  • There are a number of reasons why bettors buy sports picks.
  • Finding the right handicapper requires some research.

What if there was a way that you could gain an edge in sports betting? You open your sportsbook app a couple of times a day searching for that one bet that could make your week, but you never seem to hit it.

There actually is a way for you to gain an edge. Search for a trusted sports handicapper and pay for betting picks. You will be amazed at how your winning percentage and your bankroll will grow.


Why Pay for Picks?

Paying for sports betting picks makes sense for a number of bettors. If you were going to dabble in stock market trading or invest a large chunk of money into a new business, wouldn’t you consult professionals first? 

Betting on a stock’s price to rise or fall is really no different than wagering on a sporting event. Since you don’t wager on the NFL, NBA, etc. for a living, wouldn’t it make sense to gather as much information as possible from someone who does?

Professional sports handicappers make their livelihood finding the best betting opportunities and then selling their information on those opportunities. 

That’s another big reason why you should buy picks from a handicapper – time. It’s likely that you hold a job that comes with a title that is not “professional sports handicapper.” You simply do not have the time to invest in the research needed to properly handicap a game. That’s why you pay someone else to do it.

Some bettors find themselves in huge holes. Everyone hits a slump at one time or another. Buying picks to get out of such a slump is another good time to buy picks from a trusted handicapper.

Find the Right Handicapper

Like any industry, there are some great services and then there are some not so good services. You probably wouldn’t go out and buy a car on a whim. It’s just too important a purchase.

It’s the same with buying sports picks. You have to take the time to do some research and find a handicapper or handicapping service that can be trusted. 

When making major purchases, one of the first things you look for are names you can trust. Those names typically have been around for a while. In the sports handicapping industry, you will not get very far if you are not reputable. 

One of the key things to look for is transparency. A legitimate handicapper has nothing to hide. A good point to keep in mind is this. At typical odds of -110 at an offshore sportsbook, a bettor needs to win a little more than 52 percent of the time just to break even. 

The best handicappers in the business are winning 55 to 60 percent of the time. Any handicapper touting anything greater is one to be wary of. Sure, handicappers will have streaks, but over time the best winning percentages in the business are 55 to 60 percent. 

It’s likely that you do not have a winning percentage even close to that. That’s why it makes sense to gain an edge by buying picks from a trusted handicapper. 

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