Is LeBron good enough to lead the Lakers to the title

Let’s be honest – LeBron has had an incredibly storied career, he carried Cleveland to the NBA finals with Jordan Clarkson, Larry Hughes and “Boobie” Gibson as other scoring options. He’s always had the ability to keep his team relevant and as a title contender in the vast majority of the seasons that he’s played. And I do feel that LeBron at 28 would be able to push this Lakers team into the finals.
But not the 37 year old LeBron.
This just feels different.

The way the Lakers are playing this season – they’re not looking like they would get into the playoffs in good position.
Which means not having home court advantage, and likely playing one of the top 3 teams in the conference in the opening round, like Golden State, Phoenix or Utah. The LA Lakers only hope is for LeBron to suddenly find the Fountain of Youth and become 27 again. Because Russell is not able to shoot the ball, as we all have known – he has a problem knocking down shots, and Anthony Davis is constantly injured having missed a whopping 100 games over the last 4 seasons, as of this article.

Writing off a team that has LeBron as their core is always difficult, based simply on the fact that the guy, is still, even at 37 years old – is pretty darn good. He is still putting up 27 points, still grabbing 7 boards and can still find the open man, as his 7 assists shows. But he is not as dominant and game controlling like he used to be. 4 and 5 years ago he was able to take over and pump in 20, grab 3 blocks and a steal in a  quarter to win the game for his team.
Not so much anymore.

The Lakers as a team aren’t scoring that well, they can’t rebound, and they also have pretty lousy 3pt shooting. Scoring 110 /game has them at 10th in the NBA, and their offensive rebounding is sitting at 23rd. Those are things that no team – especially a team with the thought of being a title contender – wants to shoulder.
What is this team?
You know when you play Golden State you’re getting a lot of scoring, when a team plays Phoenix, they have to deal with excellent defense, playing the Lakers you’re just getting ‘meh.’

There are many other teams in the West that have shown far and away more talent and bring a fear factor than L.A..
The Lakers are far from being the team to beat in the West, the Lakers have become a shambling pile of old, overrated players.
This season is not going to end with a ring and the Vegas odds are already starting to show that.


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