The problem in San Francisco is not Jimmy Garoppolo

What is leadership?
Is it winning big games?
Is it a lot of 4th quarter comebacks?
Is it having the guts to stand in the pocket and get drilled while completing a pass?
What exactly is this definition of “leadership” that everybody wants to see? I think it is maybe a mixture of all of those – or maybe it is something that doesn’t easily exist?

Jimmy Garoppolo has taken an incredible beating from the media and some other football players for a while now.
What exactly do they want him to do that he hasn’t done? They say he doesn’t have the skills or the heart to get the job done. Now I’m not saying but he’s an elite quarterback or a QB that everyone should be terrified of. He is having a down season – but the way he’s treated – is as if the 30 year old vet is literally the worst quarterback in the NFL, which by the way is definitely far from the truth.
Is he going to electrify the crowd? No
Is he going to throw 65 YD bombs and scamper 75 yards? Probably not.
Does that mean he’s garbage?
Is that where we’ve come to as fans?
Just because a QB is not running for 80 yards a game doesn’t mean they can’t be a QB that can lead your team. Personally, I feel he’s better than several at the QB position. Maybe he’s not as explosive as Lamar Jackson is – but I think a lot more of the problems San Francisco is dealing with is their lack of skill players and terrible pass coverage this year.

I think a strong reason for the push against Garoppolo is because of Trey Lance. The 49ers picked up Trey in the 3rd spot of the 2021 draft, and the fans are super excited to put their shiny new toy into the lineup. I get it – he has a ton of potential. But it’s incredibly odd – a QB like Jimmy who helped bring his team to the Super Bowl just a couple of years ago – and yet they are so ready to hand off the team to a 21 year old. People are so enamored with the running style QB these days that they are ready to chuck out a standard solid QB.  I think it’s terrible how quickly San Francisco’s fans forget that Garoppolo had 27 TDs and completed 69% for them back in 2019 and want to replace him so quickly with an unproven player. It just seems It’s all about the splash these days.

I highly doubt the former Eastern Illinois pass thrower is going to be the San Francisco QB next year and going forward. I don’t think that comes as a surprise to anyone. I think that San Francisco and their fans are going to get exactly what they want – the young, exciting and unproven QB as their guy.  Just remember if Lance doesn’t work out – there’s no going back if Jimmy’s gone. His boring style will be removed. And honestly the way that Jimmy has been treated – I would never go back for them, even if given the option.

Granted, Trey may be exceptional, and that would be great for the organization. He might be the answer that leads them to the promised land. But he also could be mediocre and not quite bring the juice that they’re hoping for. I think the fans might need to quell their aspirations for the next “big thing” in Trey Lance. I tend to lean that he’s going to be a good QB – but again he needs time, he only played 19 games in college at North Dakota State.

I think that Jimmy is a solid quarterback. He may not be the next “Joe Cool” or Steve Young – but I think that what he brings to the team is steady QB play and the guy who knows how to handle the game. There’s nothing wrong with that.  I’ve seen my share of QBs who weren’t throwing for 400 yards and played “boring” and won big games just taking care of business.

If you’re a San Francisco 49ers fan and you’re blaming Jimmy Garoppolo for this team’s lack of winning, I think you’re sadly mistaken. As it clearly should be on the lack of coaching and poor defense.


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