Most surprising teams in the NFL this season

We have gotten through the first couple weeks of the 2021 NFL season. That means, it is time to jump the gun and look too much into some 2-0 teams this season, that maybe weren’t expected to look as good as they have. In general, a 2-0 start usually bodes well for teams looking to make the postseason. The vast majority of 2-0 teams make the playoffs, so these teams have to feel pretty good for where they are 11% into the season.

Denver has been a test for teams with their smart QB play and defense. Las Vegas has also been a really tough matchup – and being 2-0 is an eye opener for the AFC West division. The 49ers have been rolling, and their team is doing good things, along with excellent coaching and their wicked LB crew.

We have to remember to not get carried away by a 2-0 start. But, with that being said, it’s pretty nice to start off 2-0, just the same. The team is on top of their division, their fans are stroked, and the players are building confidence.

* Denver Broncos
Teddy Bridgewater has 4 TD passes and 0 picks – Teddy looks very good this season, as of right now. The Broncos have been winning with a nice 2-headed RB game and a tight defense. Bridgewater is directing the team with great confidence and patience – he has thrown for 592 YDs and a 77% completion rate.

The Bridgewater move has given the Denver Broncos a very real difference maker at QB, and it is very reasonable to think this team has a real chance to win 11-12 games and make a deep run. If anyone is to challenge the Chiefs to be the team to beat in the AFC West – Denver looks like they could be the team to do it.

Investments in the defense are looking like they are paying off – they are wreaking havoc. When the Broncos beat the NYG one – Von Miller was outstanding with 2 sacks and 3 QB hits – as long as they get 70% of that kind of production from the 32 year old LB every game, the Denver Broncos will be just fine.

* Las Vegas Raiders
Derek Carr has been a huge key for the Las Vegas Raiders – Carr alongside Darren Waller and Henry Ruggs – gives the Raiders a combination of dangerous options to score the ball. Waller had a fantastic season last year, and this year he is on a higher pace, with 127 catches and over 1400 YDs – it is like he has flipped a switch.

Henry Ruggs has been looking like a lethal threat with his blazing speed that has turned into a massive 22.7 YPC.
Their high potent offense is something teams need to worry about. As long as Carr and Darren Waller remain in sync, the Raiders will be one of the league’s most difficult teams to put away. Having the ability to bust off a 70 yard play on a moment’s notice is never fun to deal with for opponents.

Las Vegas are averaging 29.5 ppg, putting them at 7th in the NFL. But is that kind of production going to be sustainable? Some problems with some aspects of their game, particularly with their RB issues so far – I think could be a problem down the line for this team

* The San Francisco 49ers
Playing in the NFC West division is tough, as the Cardinals, Seahawks and the Rams all came into the 2021 season with big names and high aspirations. But, now San Francisco is playing with a chip on their shoulder – reminding everyone that they are the team that was in charge just a few seasons ago – and until their disastrous injury riddled 2020 – they were, considered by many, to be “the team to beat” in the West.

DE Nick Bosa has been terrorizing teams early this season, with 3 sacks, and 4 tackles for loss. Then having LBs Fred Warner and Jaquiski Tartt creating turmoil on the field adds yet another level of defensive problems for opposing QBs and RBs trying to slither their way through into the 2nd level of defense. Being greeted by Warner and his 9 tackles/game, is never a good experience. It’s rough going for teams vs the San Francisco 49ers .

But, the 49ers have played 2 teams that aren’t looked at as being big threats this year. They have beaten Detroit and Philly and narrowly escaped each, needing to hang on vs the Lions and a tough ugly win vs the Eagles to grab the W’s. I don’t think things are going to be smooth as ice for the San Francisco 49ers offense for the rest of the year, but Defensive Coordinator, DeMeco Ryans isn’t going to give opponents’ a whole bunch of spots to keep their defense backpedaling.

Denver has been the most surprising to me due to their change at QB and their defensive game. This is a team that won just 5 games last season, and were giving up almost 28 /game, and this year the Broncos D looks like one of the NFL’s more nasty squads. Denver is building some early confidence in the AFC West after 2 games so far, their opponents were not great teams – but they won big, and they did what good teams are supposed to do, win vs lower tiered teams without much of a problem. The Broncos seem to look to be built for 2021, with a stable new foundation, which makes them the most surprising.


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