Patrick Peterson is the quality veteran the Vikings needed.

Patrick Peterson signed with the Minnesota Vikings to a one year deal for 10 million. In his prime, he was a fantastic 1 on 1 corner. With 17 picks and 57 passes defensed in a 5 year span from 2011 – 2015. But even when Peterson was an elite corner he often struggled as a physical DB, he sometimes seemed hesitant of contact, which drew criticism. Peterson was also a well known hot head early in his career. This could be the perfect time for him to be coached by a strong coach, and Mike Zimmer is just that.

So many have written him off as an ancient old shell, but, he is still only 30, I think he can still play. He’s definitely lost a step – so I wouldn’t necessarily put him on a speedster or top WRs, but I think he can still lock guys up from time to time. Even if he moves to cover a WR2 on and off. He may not be the top end shutdown corner that he was, but he can definitely still play. We’re talking about a quality player with career 28 picks and 91 passes defensed.

Remember, many thought Xavier Rhodes was done, when he fell apart in 2019, but he was revitalized in Indy as he held QBs to just 51% completion rate vs him. After being a lockdown CB for years he lost his confidence, but top players just don’t forget how to cover a guy overnight. Many also thought Mathieu was done back in 2018, now look at him. 137 tackles and 10 ints, 2 years later, I think most would change their opinion. Remember, Terence Newman came to Minnesota as a washed up old guy at 37, and Zimmer’s system revitalized him. It’s very possible the same can happen now. Peterson immediately becomes a leader in the DB rotation.

This was a great move for Peterson, where he can mentor the young corners from the Minnesota Vikings draft. He’s shown that he can be good with younger players, he helped out Mathieu during his early years, when he was learning, and also Budda Baker. I think we can all confidently say they’ve turned out pretty good. The Vikings have a lot of young guys out there. The veteran experience of 154 games will help them – just like Terrance Newman did a few years ago in the NFL.

Peterson might not be the same guy he was back 4-5 years ago, but he can teach all the younger guys a few things.
Exactly what the Vikes need. Patrick Peterson can get new life, find his DB groove again in a new spot, Minnesota needed a quality veteran in the secondary.
This was a great signing.


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