Matthew Stafford makes the Rams a legit contender

Detroit traded QB Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams for 2 future 1st round picks, a 3rd round pick and 20 TD passer, QB Jared Goff. The Rams did this knowing well aware they have just a handful of years left in the window with the team they have. So they went all in with this deal, getting their missing piece. Rams have a very serious chance to win it all within the next 3-4 years with this move.

The Rams made the Super Bowl back in 2018, but we have to ask – is Goff the reason they were at the big game? His Super Bowl performance struggled to be average, at best, when he went 19-38 with 0 TDs and a pick in a 13-3 loss, if we look at the core, the Rams made it to that game based on being genuinely stacked on both sides of the ball. Todd Gurley was running the ball well with speed and power and their defense was stout with Aaron Donald and Marcus Peters, they were truly an elite squad. The Rams gave up a ton for a 32 year old QB, but I think some people are underestimating how good Stafford is.

The 6-3 QB has made it a habit putting up numbers with some really bad Olines, and very little running games, in 12 years at QB, he has only had one RB have 1000 YDs rushing, Reggie Bush back in 2013. That is eye opening, and there is simply no excuse for that. The Lions Olines have been bad, and have not been opening holes for RBs, as their front have only been getting 4.1 /carry as a team. And since Megatron, hasn’t had exceptional WR talent either. Stafford is also a warrior, he doesn’t miss games, in 12 years, he has missed just 27 games. He is a guy who plays through the pains and injuries that happen in this game.

Stafford will put the Rams in a good position to be a serious contender immediately, as they unloaded Goff’s contract and picked up Stafford for a good price. The NFL is a win now league, and Stafford gives them the best chance to win now. Mcvay helped Goff produce – I tend to think Stafford will look even better than he has in his previous years in their scheme with the weapons they have. Detroit has not been very good with their coaching history either, they have gone through 5 coaches since 2010. They never found steady leadership and never built a winning culture. If they can win 13+ games for their division this season it will be worth so much more for their LA market with a new stadium along with a fresh relatively newer fan base than the 1st rounders they gave up.

Stafford can sling that rock, as he has verified, with 8 years of 4,000 YDs or more, along with 282 TD passes in his 12 years playing. He has a history of monstrous games and has shown courage in the face of a collapsing front as well, and he now has a far better Oline and a much better receiving core. The Rams have a very legit shot at winning the NFC next season, and they will be better, by far as to what they were.
Hands down.
And now he won’t have to carry everything, because he is on a team with an actual defense. Did LA give up a ton for the big righty slinger?
But, Stafford will be the key player to put them over the edge as a serious and legit contender, along with a really nasty defense.

Goff didn’t have a lot to do getting the Rams as far as they have, Stafford is a true power QB who absolutely can carry them. The Rams gave up a ton, make no question about it, but they are immediately in Super Bowl contention now. LA can ride this trade for 3 or 4 years. This is their window, as they cannot waste the elite defense like they have right now, they are striking while the irons are hot.
Stafford is going to be an absolute stud for this LA Rams team.


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