Which NFL team did best later in the draft?

I think most people would agree that you truly can’t grade a Draft class until about 3 years later. It takes time to acclimate and transition into the NFL. Truly, it just is not fair to do so – yet we all do it.
So we’ll do it again!

But, with the super skilled and highlight film players that were drafted, several teams have looked to improving their offense on the field. The Giants, Patriots and Jacksonville all wanted to improve, let’s take a look at the team that may have improved their lacking (or not lacking) offense the most after this 2021 draft class – from the 10+ slots. We will look at teams that improved their offense being not a top 10 pick. What team should upgrade their slacking offense the most with their post 10 position?

The Chicago Bears picked at the 11th spot in the draft, with a very direct idea in mind.
Fixing their horrible passing offense.
Justin Fields was a great value at where he “fell” to 1st round and is a very interesting player to watch, and has shown to be a very tough QB.

They showed zero fear of his tendency to run early, and they made sure that they went and got their guy. Fields had 63 passing TDs and 5300+ passing YDs in 22 games for Ohio State. The highly skilled QB was one of the best in the nation, he showed great accuracy and courage in the pocket.

The Chicago Bears offense was very pedestrian last year – and they always seem to lack a consistent QB on the field.
Nick Foles or Mitch Trubisky didn’t concern any defensive coordinator very much. Trubisky showed flashes of improvement for Chicago over the last couple years – but the majority of defenses still did whatever they wanted against the Bears offense with Trubisky at the helm. The Bears were about as far as it gets from a highly potent offense last season.

Offensive Coordinator, Bill Lazor has a sharp mind on offense – and their Head Coach, Matt Nagy, will be hoping Fields can be the much needed QB leader for them. The 6-3 versatile QB should be given an early and quick opportunity to contribute to the Chicago Bears passing game, the skilled QB’s specialty is his ability to scramble when things go sideways. He should make it much more difficult for teams to rip apart the Chicago Bears offense this season.

Getting a QB like Justin Fields should pay off pretty quickly, and will pay off very well in about 20-24 games.

So I am cheating here.
Obviously the Jags picked Trevor Lawrence at the 1 – adding the RB here at the 25th slot makes their offense immediately jump to me. Travis Etienne had a career 686 carries for 4952 YDs and 70 TDs during his 4 seasons playing at Clemson. From 2018 – 2020 in 42 games, he was a purely dominant player and he still has so much upside at just 22 years old, and has the experience behind him.

Etienne is a skilled and super versatile RB – he has shown the strong downfield running skills, as he has the vision and speed to win on the outside vs tight playing LBs. There’s not a hole he can’t run through, and he can hit them fast and in rhythm. He is more than a safe pick, the fast footed player will be ready to make an immediate impact on the field. Lined up again with Trevor Lawrence – it will immediately improve that 30th ranked offense of Jacksonville. The 210lb runner is a physical and a great pass catching RB who is not afraid to fight for the tough yards. We have all watched RBs that play bigger than their size – and we appreciate it, as fans, everything about Etienne shows that he does just that.

He also racked up a total of 85 catches, 1020 YDs and 6 TDs over the last 2 seasons, he was duel deadly. Etienne is the type of player who could push for 1300 total YDs, and 10 TDs in his rookie season. Jacksonville drafted a super dependable RB who puts together many skills needed at the RB position. He comes into the backfield and immediately now gives them another complement to another young RB James Robinson and his 1070 rushing YDs and 7 TDs.

The Jacksonville Jaguars deserve high praise for drafting Etienne – they have found an absolute gem. The 22 year old deadly RB has the kind of special talent that could flip things around for a team on offense, and they could become a dangerous scoring team, pretty quickly, if they all mesh. All roads lead to this – the Jaguars ended up with a great back in the former Clemson standout RB and he will help them for many years.


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