Kelly Oubre Jr. needs to get himself back on track for Golden State

It doesn’t take a genius or a master of the game to see that Kelly Oubre Jr. has just not been the same guy he was in Phoenix last season. He has been struggling hitting shots – at just 39% and is putting up just 13ppg. It seems he will not be able to repeat last season’s game – not only in his career high numbers of 45% shooting, 19ppg, and great promise – but in his overall enthusiasm as well. He seems to have almost gotten apathetic about getting the ball. He was looking to be well on his way to becoming a steady 22-23ppg kind of player.

Oubre Jr. is so talented – yet is looking so passive – nobody wants that. It is as if he just doesn’t have the competitive fire to get to the same level he was moving towards – consistently shown that the best players of the game possess. The southpaw shooter has had problems hitting the big shots this season , he has not been comfortable with the rock when the chips are down.

I feel one of the main reasons Oubre has been so ineffective this season for Golden State has been his lack of shot readiness.
It seems like Oubre is just never quite ready to put it up – he seems to be slow on looking for shots and late on the trigger at times. Teams need their newly acquired guy to be ready to fire and fill buckets. They got him for a reason, he was looking to be ready to get to the next level, and he would fill in as a serious contributor for them. If the 25 year old former Wizard wants to be an important piece for the Warriors – he needs to be able to put the ball in the cup. It seems, at this point of his young career – maybe he is not capable of doing that. And if Golden State wants to get to the playoffs this season – they need to get him on track, and start making teams concerned about him, because right now, they aren’t.

Kelly needs to overcome his substandard wall he has hit – there is nobody who can remove his fear of shooting the ball, or ability to make shots, than the guy shooting the basketball in his games. His 39 FG% is something he can fix – and only him – the 6-7 SF needs to find a way to retake control of his game – like he did last season when he hung 18.7ppg and was a threat on offense with Phoenix

There are no victims in the game – you either find a way to pick it up and get back on track, or you don’t.


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