Bradley Beal & Westbrook Duo

Bradley Beal has been a star in the NBA for 7 seasons – but it begs the question – how valued is a player to their NBA team? When anyone talks about valuable there is always a different conversation – is it scoring, triple doubles, or a player’s leadership?
What makes a player valuable?

I don’t think Beal cannot go chest to chest with LeBron or Harden as top 5 players in the league – but he surely can score from anywhere with a very high level of accuracy – and with great explosiveness. Beal is a very gifted player, he’s fast, and amazing at scoring the ball, but his defense has not been nearly quite as good – with a dismal 117 defensive rating. The 6-3 guard has had some problems with bigger guards – leaving some ugly holes on the Washington defense. This season, I think that they were hoping that Beal would become more of a 2 dimensional player – but has not shown that he had gotten there, thus far. Beal doesn’t seem to always be fully engaged in playing on the tough side of the court – seeming to almost prefer to produce offensive highlights – even if it might cost them a win – because of foolish missed shots. He has had his share of high volume shooting games, and poor shots, with 18 games putting up 25 shots or more, and the Wizards went just 3-15 in those games.

But, when any guy is having the kind of season that he is having – they are a legitimate star – Beal is sitting at 2nd in the league in scoring, and has been top 10 for 3pointers made/game. This team is going to be explosive in the Eastern Conference. Beal has been scoring 26% of the Washington Wizards 115ppg – Beal currently is the only honest threat on the Washington Wizards team, besides his tenacious numbers, his impact on the franchise is what is really eye opening.

We have been seeing the rumors that the LA Lakers have been prodding around getting Beal, what could that mean for Washington or LA?
What could the Wizards possibly lose if they moved Bradley Beal? He has been putting up 30.5 points, 4.2 rebounds and 6.1 assists – while shooting 46% from the field and 35% from behind the arc – those are some nice numbers. Beal has been the most impactful player on his team, if Washington was to replace him with an average SG – honestly, how good of a season would they have? They have nobody else on that team – yet Beal seems to still find a way to drag the Wizards to wins behind his paramount play, and his playmaking ability. And, quite honestly, this move would likely not help LeBron James or his legacy with his naysayers, adding yet another star on his holster, in his drive for another ring.

Bradley Beal is extremely valuable to the Wiz for a wide variety of reasons – in this case, Beal’s value is judged by how much better he is than his teammates – and he is without question, the best on this team. He has had a very good career – with his ferocious scoring ability, along with his smooth ability to try and showcase other players around him – Beal has displayed extreme importance to his team. If he ends up leaving, Washington would be in for a world of hurting. As disappointing as his team has been thus far this season – he is still a superstar, and far better than most other SGs in the game. The 26 year old standout is a real treat to watch on the NBA court.


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