Who will be on top of the AFC at the end

With the New England Patriots overwhelming dominance of the AFC for 17 of 19 seasons, with Brady now going to Florida – one has to start thinking the time has arrived for the Patriots to start becoming human – and the dawn of a new monster in the AFC to start becoming the terror. Haters of New England and their legendary success, will scoff and dance with the idea of not seeing the Patriots anywhere near the big game for some time. I get it, we have watched them win the big game in 3 of the last 6 seasons. Most of us would like to see someone new representing the AFC, regardless of how impressive it has been to watch a legend like Tom Brady and his team continually get there, amidst all the controversy, doubters, and anger they face.

There are some good teams building and rebuilding, young teams, older revamped teams. We have the Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans, and the Baltimore Ravens all looking to become the next New England Patriots of the AFC. Each and every team looking to be the next dynasty and lugging around their legacy as the best of the best.
To be the team, we all root against.
To be that team.
That is what we all want for our own teams.
To be the problem on the schedule – that has to be dealt with.

I think it is between 2 teams in particular – the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs. At first glance, it is far too easy to say Kansas City will be that team in the AFC to be the team which takes over from now on out, especially after their recent Super Bowl win. They still have some questions to handle, one is, can rookie RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire become a premiere back for them? And the Kansas City Chiefs need some real changes for their running defense. I feel that Mahomes will actually only get better. In some way, somehow. As scary as that may sound, from a guy who lit up the NFL for almost 10k YDs, 76 TDs, and won the championship, in just 31 career games played. The talent on the Kansas City Chiefs is amazing, Mahomes is a true generational talent with talent and dynamic skills I have never seen before. To me, he is the new face of the NFL. Great poise, accuracy, and arm strength.

The Baltimore Ravens also have a great situation to be in, with what they have with Lamar Jackson, on top of a lot of young very skilled players. Baltimore has a great future ahead of them, they also seem to be improving, with their star QB, and a formidable defensive corps.
A defense that ranked 3rd in the NFL last season, giving up just 17.6ppg. They just really need to keep their QB protected, as his importance is beyond measure for this team. I think we have all seen what he brings to this team after his MVP 2019 season of 36 passing TDs and chalking up 1200 rushing YDs.
Did I mention, he is a QB?
Jackson has shown a great ability to put up massive numbers and get big runs when taking off, his speed and vision are wondrous, once he gets more confidence in the pocket, he will be even that much more difficult to deal with.

The Baltimore Ravens have an incredibly imposing defense with 24 year old Marlon Humphrey, Marcus Peters, oh, and “by the way” 3x All-Pro, Earl Thomas, which is something that other teams in the AFC have to deal with. Their passing defense is not something that anyone enjoys dealing with. With these kinds of problems coming from the purple and black, is the Chiefs stand over before they know it – and they aren’t aware yet?

But, we have to keep in mind the Jacksonville curse. Remember what everyone thought about the Jags after their tenacious run in 2017 – and then we saw what happened. They went from 10-6 and lost in the Conference Finals, and everyone said they were ready to become the team. Then Blake Bortles went from average to hot garbage again – their once humming along offense, went from 26ppg to 15ppg
Anything can happen.

So, while it is easy to say the Kansas City Chiefs are going to be the next heir of the crown, let’s shake it up. I will go with the Baltimore Ravens and their vigorous defense and 23 year old QB who is more than ready to get his.

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