Who would you rather have – Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson

There’s been so much heated conversation over the QB position, especially comparisons between Mahomes and Jackson.
Who is the best young QB of the NFL?
Look, both of these young men are super talented football guys on the field, but there really is one that stands ahead in regards to being a QB.
And I’m going to tell you why.

I will start with Lamar Jackson, he did some amazing things as a QB in 2019, 1206 rushing YDs and a massive 6.9 YDs /carry is beyond normalcy for a QB to accomplish. Which is why he is special.
He is a lethal weapon, for sure. He has a 25-5 record as a starter in the NFL.
But, a truly great QB should be able handle the pressure, when needing to throw the ball when backed into a corner, and hang 4 passing TDs or 400 YDs to score quick points.
A mediocre QB will not be able to do such. The game plan for Lamar, is to take away his biggest threat, his legs. Get ahead early, because it has been shown, forcing Lamar to actually pass the ball can work.

When Baltimore played the Titans in the 2019 playoffs it was exploited, they built a lead and controlled the clock with running the ball, forcing the Ravens to come from behind. Making them earn it, by moving the ball through the air, which Lamar failed miserably doing so, completing just 31-59, and 2 picks. Once teams can take his running ability away, he becomes dreadfully mediocre. He ran for 143, which looks great on paper, but when he needed to move the ball in the air, Tennessee shut him down.

I’m not a lover of the “playoffs make or break a guy” philosophy – but, I also know, historically, the playoffs are when special guys shine and make their marks on the league. Jackson is 0-2 in the playoffs, so far, both were losses at home. Losing to the Chargers in 2018 and then the Titans in 2019 – in those games Jackson passed just 51%, going 45-88, 3 TDs and 3 ints, had 4 fumbles, and scored an average of just 14.5ppg.
Those are facts, not opinions, not what I would want from my QB. He struggles to play from behind, he cannot rely on his ability to make plays with his arm, it makes me think that we may have seen the best that he has to offer. The biggest hype about Jackson, has always been his running game.
That’s it.
His astonishing speed and smooth running ability took everyone off guard.

The offense philosophy of the Chiefs and Ravens are very different because both are coached at their QBs strengths. Mahomes with his imposing throwing and Lamar and his magnificent legs. As far as skill players to help the QB, both have quality TEs, Kelce is great and Andrews is very good. Baltimore had better running backs, but Kansas City has slightly better receivers. They both have pieces that help them, so we can erase that stupid narrative that both sides try to play.

Another section is, I feel if Lamar had a 24th ranked defense like Mahomes had back in 2018, giving up 26ppg – the Ravens would’ve had a sub .500 record.
8-8 tops.
Mahomes still got them 12 wins, based on masterful QB skill and his ability to throw the ball. Jackson has a better D than Mahomes has had over the last 2 years – and there’s no question about it. 17.8 vs 22.5 /game. Baltimore’s defense helps their offense by Jackson not being forced to play from behind, which plays right into their style. The Ravens top 3 defense makes things much more advantageous for Jackson. there is no-one who can say having a top defense doesn’t help a QB out. Drastically.

The more tape that teams get, the worse he will get, unless he learns how to throw from the pocket. I don’t understand why so many young guys want to completely change the QB position into a running position. Being a QB means arm talent, leadership and smarts, being able to run is an unparalleled bonus, not something the position should be based upon. He is certainly very dangerous on the field, based on his legs, once teams get it all figured out, he could be in some trouble. Sports are all copycat leagues, if you don’t think other teams are putting together their own defensive schemes based on what worked against him, you’re naive.

Jackson is very dangerous, but Mahomes is potentially a legend, Mahomes makes every player better around him.
He’s that kind of guy.
Mahomes is the best QB in the league and he proves it every time he takes the field. Seriously, 9400+ passing YDs, 66% passer, and 76 TDs?
In 31 games starting? And someone is going to say Jackson is better? Really?

It’s like this.
This season is going to be huge for Lamar, if coordinators can come up with a scheme on defense to successfully contain him – then he very well can become average. If they don’t, the NFL can be in some real trouble. If he can improve as a passer, Jackson could be the great new coming, that some are already crowning him as. When Lamar can win in the playoffs and against the elite teams then I might change my mind, but until then, I’ll take Mahomes, everyday, and twice on Sundays with this winner.


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