Ravens WR Marquise Brown continues to rise

Marquise Brown was questioned since being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens at the 25th spot. He brings a big play ability at the WR position, which is something that all teams wish they had at that WR position for their 5 year vets. Baltimore was a team that really needed a talented WR to lean on, as they put up just 232 passing YDs/game during the 2018 season. Brown is a player who brings that skill to the receiving position for the Ravens – and Lamar already has a good rapport with him after just one season in the books. Marquise was viewed as a high risk/high reward draft pick – he was looked at as a good WR coming out of Oklahoma – but some were unsure if he is a true game changer. With 2413 receiving yards and 17 TDs in 2 years in college, Brown was looked solely as a big play threat with a lack of bulk to be able to body up DBs – and who wasn’t challenged by defenses enough.

He has shown to be able to take the top off defenses, one of the biggest issue that some complained about – is that he doesn’t make the important plays needed to get a team to the championship level. With just 1 game of 100 YDs or more receiving, and having 11 games of 50 or less. But even with that, the Ravens are hoping Brown will become the prime reason they win. Marquise Brown may have been a gamble, but with a strong YAC ability, he brings danger to DBs guarding him. There were several good WRs from the 2019 draft – who were probably looked at as more “NFL ready” coming out of college. D.K. Metcalf and A.J. Brown were looked at as much more ready for the next step, and they have shown they are NFL ready – but Marquise has not been a slouch either.

Picking him at the 25th spot – did seem like a bit of a stretch – but Baltimore has been been building a legit championship built team over the last several years. Marquise Brown is going to be able to handle top ended secondaries he will be dealing with – and I believe in his ability and I believe in his speed. Many Ravens fans still think he isn’t capable of being a WR1 after his 1st season – I think they should be looking forward for him next season to show his true ability on the field. He is going to be even better and will have a bigger impact when fully healthy.

Marquise Brown has been put into the books for the Baltimore Ravens as the WR they wanted – and drafted in the 2019 draft – he is the right guy, and guy who is an explosive play waiting to happen. He knows how to finish plays and knows how to be the NFL WR star, when it comes to holding his own vs other DBs. He has the right approach to the game and that is something that could really turn him into a great player down the line. This guy is going to be really good, and the Ravens will enjoy the benefits of the diminutive WR.


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