Why is QB Matt Ryan so underappreciated by Atlanta

People bring up the Super Bowl to bang on him, yet they neglect to mention how he was almost perfect as he went 17-23, for 284 YDs and 2 TDs in that game. Carrying one of the highest passer ratings in football history for the big game. Besides the fact that their defense was shredded for 546 total YDs and gave up 31 straight points, and couldn’t get off the field in the second half of the game.

Ryan always logs stellar numbers each and every year, and has had some great years, not to mention, back in 2012 he lit it up the NFL with 4700+ passing YDs. Then, in 2016 he put up 4944 passing YDs, 38 passing TDs and got the league’s MVP award, and followed that up in 2018 with 4924 YDs and 35 more TDs. This season, Ryan has been sharp as a tack, with 68% passing completion and sitting at 3rd in TD passes with 6, while pushing the Falcons to the 5th best scoring team in the NFL.

Ryan has been underappreciated his whole career, he has brought Atlanta to 6 playoff appearances. Vick got them to 2 in his 5 years as a starter there. He has always been a great person off the field and has always done well for the city.
How does a great QB fall into the underappreciated bucket?
What has he not done for them?
Why are Falcon fans still seem to be still stuck on Michael Vick?
He has QB skills.
He has heart and leadership.
Why are so many still stuck on a QB like Vick, who never was a great QB or showed great leadership while there?

Why does a player get the fans love, passion or loyalty?
I am confused.
Why do the Atlanta fans forever embrace Michael Vick and seem to not embrace Matt Ryan?
It is actually borderline insanity.
Ryan has a great passing percentage, and Vick has always been less than mediocre.
Ryan is in the same list as players like John Elway, Warren Moon, and Aaron Rodgers in regards to his passing yards.
Vick is nowhere near these guys.
Ryan won 109 games in 13 seasons, Vick won just 38 in 6 years for Atlanta – so what is it?

His TD numbers are in the top end every year. At 35 years old – if he keeps putting up his average over the next 3-4 years, he’ll likely end up with over 425 TDs for his career.
Is that not good?
It would probably drop him into the top 5 all-time category.
Passing all time great, Dan Marino along the way.
All time.

I don’t understand how anyone can continually bash a guy who routinely puts up his numbers every season? When Ryan is gone, and someday it will, of course, happen. Then, Atlanta fans will then regret not giving the love he deserved and look back at their time with him, and weep.
His level of talent is so good with accuracy and his vision – to even compare them in the same sentence as Vick should be a crime.

Matt Ryan was destined to be something great when he came out of Boston college, years ago, Atlanta seemed to be very excited about their new QB when he arrived.
Coming off of many years of mediocre team play and Joey Harrington as their QB in 2007, it was great.

Atlanta fans are still pining over a QB who was a mediocre passer at best, and quite frankly, not the greatest person. I don’t understand what does Ryan have to do, to garner the love and legacy that Michael Vick has floating on his overrated shoulders?


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