Austin Ekeler is ready to be the RB1 for the Chargers

We all know Austin Ekeler is not a LaDainian Tomlinson player for the Chargers, as not many are, but he is a dynamic playmaker just the same.
Skilled RBs do not just grow on trees – the 25 year old RB is tough, and showed to be one of the best receiving backs in the league. His vision was great – as when he has a hole, he drove it fast, the guy is a stud, and had more than shown he could be an every down back during the beginning of the 2019 season with a below average Oline. He had 132 carries in 2019, piling up 557 YDs, and also corralled a whopping 92 catches for 993 YDs, Ekeler definitely proved he’s a slick receiving back, with 7 games of 5 or more catches as well as 60+ YDs
A receiving RB in this league can be used in so many ways in this league.

Signing him for 24.5 million over a 4 year contract was a steal – Austin Ekeler could have probably gotten at least 7 mil a year – but I love that there was no fighting or pushback. Which shows how humble he is and that he is thankful to be getting paid to be playing football and be given the opportunity after he went undrafted. This guy is a beast – I am more than sure, LA Chargers fans are more than glad to have been able to keep him. LA paid the guy who didn’t hold out – it was a great job rewarding the right guy and good character – this was a great signing at a good price for him. And his deal was well deserved – he probably should have never lost the starting role last year when Gordon came back. With his leadership on the field and production in Gordon’s absence.

Austin Ekeler was more effective than Gordon, in his time getting 4.2 YPC to Gordon and his 3.8 YPC. He also had a much better attitude, and cost much less, Ekeler gave the Chargers hope – while Gordon gave them headaches, he was more than just serviceable while Gordon was not on the field. I also thought it was great how Ekeler was essentially in the same position as Gordon – and was ready to show his worth by stepping up, he carried the load during Gordon’s holdout –  with 6 games of 100+ total yards.

No team usually pays top notch monies for a RB – teams tend to be more likely to spend it on an Oline or DEs – where teams seem to be winning their games. Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott was getting 15 million / year and the Jets paid Le’Veon Bell 13.1 million, and yet their teams are really not Superbowl contenders. There’s ways to go about making deals with a team – I disagree with Gordon’s way he went about things, and obviously, so did the Chargers.

This is a story where all the parties won – Gordon went elsewhere – Ekeler got paid plenty, and the LA Chargers didnt break the bank.


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