Teddy Bridgewater’s chance has arrived

The Carolina Panthers acquired Teddy Bridgewater from the New Orleans Saints, this off-season. Bridgewater was playing behind Drew Brees for 2 seasons, but had a chance to show some stuff in a short stint during the 2019 season. Where he impressed many watching. After sitting behind Brees for 8 games, since arriving in New Orleans – Teddy went to the Carolina Panthers to play QB1, again. Last season, Teddy started 5 games, when Brees was sidelined – and the New Orleans Saints went 5-0. In his time on the field, Bridgewater ended up with 1384 YDs and a 99.1 QBR, if you extrapolate the numbers he put up in the 5 games to approximate a full season for a starter, you’re looking at about 29 TD passes to about 6 picks. He showed he could be efficient in the right system, and he certainly could improve even more.
The Panthers are excited about him – and 1st time NFL head coach, Matt Rhule is assured that Teddy is the man for the job, in Carolina.
And why not?
He’s a great leader, his reputation and winning percentage verifies that.
Despite starting just 6 games since 2017, there is a ton of optimism surrounding Bridgewater going to the Panthers. “Teddy2Gloves” has a proven fighting spirit, which is contagious to a locker room.
Bridgewater is in a good situation, and has been handed the keys to the Panthers for this season. The former Louisville QB, is hungry to handle the starting QB job once again, and show why he was so watched and brought a lot of attention to himself, back in 2014. And it marks a new, exciting beginning of the Panthers as well. Bridgewater comes in with a dangerous offensive weapon in Christian McCaffrey, and his awesome vision and catching ability, a serious threat in Curtis Samuel, and we can’t forget 87 catch, D.J. Moore. Bridgewater brings a ton of optimism for the Panthers and the fans, and he is a great face for the team, he answers questions with class, and doesn’t say anything stupid at the pressers.
So he should satisfy the talking heads.
The question will be if Teddy can lead the Panthers to glory, where Jake Delhomme, and Cam, both failed. I think more people need to keep an eye on Carolina when the 2020 season comes to the door, Teddy has always brought a winning mindset, and Bridgewater will bring more wins than are currently expected of the Panthers. Kyle Allen carried the Panthers to 5-7 in his starts in 2019, if you feel Bridgewater is even slightly better, then he can get 2-3 more wins next year. In addition to being a better QB, the 27 year old QB is very team oriented, he also brings a sense of stability to the QB position for Carolina. Bridgewater is a different style of QB than Allen – he can move around much better, as Allen struggled in that portion of his game. One thing is for sure, all eyes are directly placed on Teddy Bridgewater now – his future is here, and we can watch it all together.


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