Why Tom Brady and TB will be good

There’s an exciting factor with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season, that they have never experienced before, as they signed future HOFer Tom Brady during the offseason – who, perhaps, is the greatest quarterback in NFL history. With 285 career games behind him, 541 TD passes, registering 74000 passing YDs and 6 Super Bowl championships, I guess we can say that he has been pretty good. Brady has had an unmatched track record of success and winning over his 20 years of playing football, now he is looking to spark a Tampa Bay franchise that hasn’t had a playoff season since 2007. He is going to need to bring that leadership that he has shown, to Florida, as all eyes will be on Brady and the Bucs, as he tries to prove he still has it, at 42 years old and without the guru, Bill Belichick, on the sidelines.
The Pats didn’t have a lot of talent at WR or TE last year with Mohamed Sanu and 39 year old Ben Watson – so honestly, Brady didn’t have that much to throw the ball to downfield. So, if receivers downfield are not open how can anyone with any sense blame the QB for not throwing downfield?
That makes zero sense to me.
Brady had no downfield receivers, so he had to dump down to Edelman and White out of the backfield – which is naturally going to drag down his  much discussed YPA numbers.

Brady is going to absolutely dominate – and this is not even a question, if Brady just limits turnovers, at the minimum – they will be fine. He is old, at 42, but he is very smart and will do large amounts of damage to teams with his new arsenal. He has a decent enough arm, he still moves well in a tight pocket and he only throws the ball where he needs to put it. And finally, after so many years playing, he has a scary arsenal with Chris Godwin and Mike Evans at his WR slots. Godwin tallied 86 grabs and 9 TDs last year, and Evans hauled in 1157 YDs with a 17.3 YPC, and 8 TDs in 2019, with a QB who was troubled with decision making and not the most accurate throwing the ball. The Bucs have serious NFL playmakers on that offense – I would certainly not write Brady off like he’ll never succeed in Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay lost a lot of one possession games last year, losing 6 games by 7 points or less last season. Brady wont make the dumb mistakes that could have been difference makers. The Bucs will definitely improve from their league leading 41 turnovers from last season – Brady and his polished smarts, will add up absolutely to more wins. The Tampa Bay offense is already tenacious – and the defense is getting to be a problem for teams – if they can remove those turnovers from last season – they have likely another 3 or 4 W’s. Scoring points in Tampa Bay won’t be a problem – the Bucs are going to score, they have way too much firepower.

The argument comes down to what do people expect from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady? Brady brings a winning mentality to Tampa – and make no mistake about it, Tom Brady will expect to win.
That’s what the Buccaneers need – and now they have it.
They will make the playoffs – I don’t think they will go on to win the Bowl – but they will probably end up in the 11-12 game range. If Tampa Bay makes the NFC title game, Brady would show to have been worth every single penny the Bucs dropped for him.


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