Should sports restart or should we wait for next season?

The Covid-19 crisis has hit the sports and sports betting world hard, there is no question about it. All major leagues from around the world decided to stop, as the pandemic quickly spread around the world; a wise decision, of course, that definitely saved many lives, but after a couple of months we’re all thinking, when can sports finally come back?

For many, this may seem like a trivial question, irrelevant even, in the middle of a world crisis, but for millions, sports is just part of our lives and business, it means entertainment, it means jobs, it means gambling, it means hope and so many other things. So, it is valid to worry about when we will be able to see our favorite leagues and teams back.

Some specific cases have given us hope in the past few days; UFC is coming back on May 9th, Nascar racing can be back soon as well, some tennis tournaments have been played and others planned for days to come, and of course, the leagues that never left us, Nicaraguan and Belarusian soccer, Russian volleyball and table tennis, and a few others.

But when are the major leagues coming back?

There’s nothing confirmed yet, but there are plans for many leagues to come back in the next few weeks, with different sets of rules, of course. The main thing right now, and it’s obvious why, is that when they come back, it will be without an audience, at least to start. Some NBA teams were cleared to reopen training facilities this week, and the plan is to finish the season, MLB has made plans to move the league to Florida and play a condensed season there, the NFL had its Draft in these previous days and is set to be played according to schedule, and this is good news for everyone.

In Europe, some of the major soccer leagues have agreed to keep playing and are expecting to confirm these plans, according to how things evolve in each country. The Spanish league could return to practice soon, the German Bundesliga is trying to restart on May 9th, Premier League is set to return in June, and UEFA Champions League would be played in August.

Is it really possible to get sports back this year?

If we stick to the new rules, it is quite possible to return. Players will be tested in each league and team, public will not be allowed or at least will be kept to a bare minimum, schedules will be shortened, specific cities will host all games, and if this is well handled, we can have sports back, for the good of our business and for the good of the world.

Is your sportsbook ready for sports to come back? Don’t let the wave toss you around, get ready, join a good Price per Head operation right now and get ready to take your operation to the highest level. Your players will thank you for making the right call at the right time. 


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