What is there left to bet on sports during the crisis

Sportsbooks from all over the world are having a rough time right now, as we can all understand, due to the complicated situation our planet is living and that, for the first time in our lifetime, has paralyzed the world as we know it. All the major sports leagues have shut down and suspended activity until further notice, and even though most of them have set estimated dates of return, the reality is that we don’t really know when things will get back to normal.

One of the many possibilities, in the hopes of some of these leagues returning to action as soon as possible, is that when the worst is over and the curve flattens, some of the tournaments could restart without fans attending. It’s not a desirable scenario for many sports fans, of course, but on the other hand, it’s a chance to get to see our teams returning to action, be able to watch and of course, for us bookies, a chance to start dealing these games again and get some “normality” back.

However, if you’ve been paying attention, not all sports are gone, there are still some leagues playing out there and sportsbooks have learned to identify them and deal them under the supervision of sharp and experienced Price per Head line movers. Some books have also identified good opportunity in bringing back different future bets for the leagues that are on hold, or that haven’t started yet.

These are some of the lines that Price per Head sportsbooks are offering

Horse racing is one of the main events on the board right now for many bookmakers; even though most of the tracks have closed, some of them remain open and players have turned their attention there. Believe it or not, ping-pong is one of the sports that’s stepping up right now and giving gamblers something to bet on, and Russia is the country that is providing us with the best games right now. Russia is also providing good soccer and volleyball activity. Some African soccer leagues have been in play, as well as the Nicaraguan league, which remains open. There is some 3×3 basketball going on as well, and just to keep in mind, China is slowly coming back on track with some leagues as well, as Covid-19 has apparently reached its peak over there, and people are starting to go back to normal.

Remember, besides all this, sportsbooks are offering a good share of Esports leagues and tournaments, as well as simulation games for all major American sports, in most cases.

Odds to win and future bets as a way to keep players active

Remember, one of the easiest and most effective ways to deal some sports right now and give players hopes that everything will go back to normal soon, is to offer them all sorts of future bets for major leagues and tournaments. Make sure you and our PPH service provider are dealing future lines for NFL and MLB, which haven’t started, but give your players more options, re-open your odds to win for ongoing leagues that are not yet defined, give them matchups, let them bet on MVP award possibilities and so much more that will not only keep them interested, but will also give them hope that things will soon be better for everyone.


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