The Titans are one defensive player away

After the Tennessee Titans 35-24 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on 1.19.20, it showed us how scarily close the Titans are to becoming a real contender in the AFC. Their offense grabbed the early game lead and was able to maintain clock control, but their middling defense gave up big play after big play and they just couldn’t stop the bleeding after the Chiefs got comfortable. Showing that their defense lacks some grit and the attack to get to the next level, at least during this 2019 season.
Nobody can question the Titans ability to move the ball on the field, through the air and on the ground – Tennessee has 24 year old WR Corey Davis, who upped his game – as well as rookie WR A.J. Brown, and with his 1051 YDs and 8 TDs this season. Tennessee has some very real skill in their WRs, Davis and Brown. They showed they can put up points on offense with around 25/game, but, if we are being honest – the same can’t be said for their D, and that is what we will examine. The Titans should be looking there to make a statement – with everything they have going for them – is Tennessee just one defensive player away from being serious contenders?
The Titans missing piece should be either a LB or a DE. Someone to pair up on the front with the veteran DT, Jurrell Casey would be great. The Titans, who have been in the middle of the pack of the AFC South division for many years – they need to add a player to help out Casey and company. They need another QB attacker on the field. Casey was their defensive leader in the past – but the powerful DT has started to hit a decline, and their only steady QB pressure coming from LB Harold Landry. The Titans have been in the middle of the pack in terms of ppg allowed at 21ppg, sitting in the 12th spot for the year.
The team continues to improve along with the play of some really good players, like RB Derrick Henry and seasonally acquired QB, Ryan Tannehill – the defense needs to keep up with them, with the same kind of push. They need to be able to handle divisional rival, the Houston Texans – but they really need the talent to stop QBs like Patrick Mahomes or continually stay with Lamar Jackson – it will be tough for them to succeed, by not being able to consistently slow down those kind of teams. If the Titans can get more pressure on QBs and obviously keep pounding the ball like they can – then they could have a pretty impressive core. One that could attack and shut down teams. Tennessee needs to get far more pressure on the opposing QB, Jurrell Casey and Harold Landry need more help up front.
Tennessee has their share of stars on offense – its just their D has had some holes – anyone can play well in the regular season – but as we know – it is the playoffs that are what really count. And over the years – a team that can defend tends to do well in the postseason. In the playoffs – the game typically slows down, teams need to be able to run the rock, and defenses need to stand their ground. If a team shuts down the run and gets to the QB – they usually hang around. Simply look at the San Francisco 49ers and their top 2 running game and 48 sacks.
There is a very fine line between being a contender and being average – and for Tennessee to take it to the next level, they need a QB destroyer. I feel the Titans have tremendous upside and will be contenders within a few short years – I fully expect to see Tennessee make a couple moves – and then watch how fast they get into the upper 3-4 of the AFC conference.
A top notch defender will be the key move for this Tennessee Titans team.
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