Where does Tony Romo rank all-time?

Tony Romo had shown time and time again what a true player with heart plays like. He had his share of injuries and he has had his struggles, like many other quarterbacks in the NFL have had. He has always shown toughness, class, and he has shown an incredible resiliency bouncing back game after game to continue leading his team on the field. Missing 15 games alone, in 2016, and 39 since 2010  – Romo has notoriously had his share of injuries. Problems that any player can get stuck with – the human body is only as sturdy as it’s last injury.
His numbers at the quarterback position or more then comparable and competitive to what other greats have accomplished in their careers. For some reason, so much was thrown on Romo’s shoulders based off of the teams overall production. Playing for the Dallas Cowboys definitely has its automatic pressure for any QB that steps into the role of QB for “Americas team” – but after having guys like 56% passer, Quincy Carter, 11 career TD passer, Chad Hutchinson, and “Mr. Mediocre” Drew Bledsoe since 2000 – Romo should never has been harassed the way he had been at times. Romo is ranked 1st in YDs at 34,183, 1st in TDs at 248, 1st in QB rating at 97.1, and tops in career passing pct at 65.3% for the Cowboys amongst retired players.
Although many other great quarterbacks have trouble with getting their teams doing anything in the playoffs, let alone winning the big game. Where I believe there is way too much emphasis thrown directly on a QB’s Super Bowl wins to how good the quarterback is, or was on the field.
The fact is, rings are what the game is played for, that is fully understandable. But there’s entirely too much based directly on the jewelry. Joe Flacco, Trent Dilfer, and Phil Simms all have super bowl wins on their resumes. But, I would never consider any of them even close to the likes of Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, or Tony Romo. All of the latter were far better quarterbacks then any of the afore mentioned Super Bowl winning QBs.
Teams that win it all, typically do not win it all based solely on the arm of their quarterback. Football is truly the greatest team sports there is. A QB can lead their team to 35 points or more – but if they have a terrible defense that gives up 40 – how is that even close to being the QBs fault?
It’s not – there is you answer.
Ton Romo had an incredible 10 games throwing 3+ TD games in his career – where the Cowboys still lost. Including a massive 506 YD, 5 TD game vs Denver on 10.6.2013 – where the Boys only managed 52 rushing yards and lost the game 48-51. Even the great Tom Brady has had his share of poor games – his 29-54, 2 int game vs Baltimore from the 2012 post-season certainly wasn’t one that the Patriot fans like to recollect. Peyton Manning – his entire 2015 season was a pitiful disaster. 9 TD passes and 17 picks thrown? Favre? Where do we begin with his amount of bonehead games of 3 or more ints thrown.
Roger Staubach – as one of the most revered QBs in Cowboys history -his teams have had multiple teams that ranked high defensively in the tops in the NFL. He was also just a 57% passer. Troy Aikmen played on one of the best teams to battle on the field in the 90’s. But his actual game play was far behind to Romo – a career 199.6 YPG passer and 165 TD passes- are well behind Tony.
Fact, again.
Whether you like or dislike Romo – he was definably a great QB who always showed up every week. His best decision was to retire for his health –  as a person, Romo deserves the rest after giving everything he had on the field for 14 seasons. Romo was a better QB than super bowl winner, Aikman, “Media wonderboy” Cam Newton, and on par with past and current greats, Warren Moon and Ben Roethlisberger – and these are all guys that have carried respect from majority of NFL fans.
He deserves that same respect as these other greats get. I wish him the best of luck to future endeavors in the sportscaster booth – where he has been brilliant, by the way – as one of the top 20 QBs in the long NFL history.

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