How Horse Betting will Round-Up Your Calendar

The cornerstone of every successful bookie operation for the last 50-years has been horse betting.

Online sportsbooks are quickly becoming the way in which corner bookies are earning a fantastic income. Gone are the days of schlepping around the neighborhood and in the local watering holes to take the weekend’s action. This bookie thing is a big business and folks are finding out they want in on the action. What is it that’s made the world turn to online gaming? It’s the 24/7 access. No matter who you are, where you are from or how many clients you may have, there is one constant; players want to play, and they will play if they have access to gambling 24/7. There is no questioning the benefit to agents booking horse bets. You must get in, here is how and why.

  • Horse Bettors: These folks are a special kind of gambler and you want them. If you want to earn a fantastic side income, then you must be offering the world’s elite tracks with “real-time” odds. Think of horse bettors like this – For decades anybody could walk into any one of the mega sportsbooks on the Las Vegas strip at any time of the day and see more than a few “old guys’ sitting in the comfy seats in the back of the racebook. These seats are the best in the entire book, and they are often reserved for an individual player with his name on it. The cocktail servers all know them by name, and they are famous in that small world. They come every day and if they aren’t there, then there is a problem and people should worry.
  • Horse bettors are slow bettors, they are methodical and there is always a method to their madness. They may not bet much (often $2) but they bet all-day. They sit there and they bet all day long and they are faithful to what they know and love. They may not think they can beat you. Horse bettors are the opposite of football bettors. Football bettors think they are going to beat you, they just know they have a winning parlay or the perfect teaser. Football bettors are impatient, and they are sidetracked easily, not horse bettors. They spend money because betting horses is their hobby, they budget for their hobby, they know how much they can spend every day and when they are done, they are done. The good news is this – You will see them every day. Win or lose, you will see them back in their seat puffing on a fat Cuban and sipping that age-old cognac. This is what they love, and you must attract them.
  • Find a pay per head provider that offers your customers the best in horse wagering with up to the minute odds that pay in “real-time”. Find a PPH provider that offers the best and most popular tracks.
  • The pay per head is the best way to be online and operating a fantastic racebook tonight! You want it all. Don’t misunderstand. There is certainly more to an online sportsbook than just horse racing. You want that great online sportsbook with fantastic lines and odds that are set for you each day. Find a PPH provider that offers the best in bookie software because they do all of the little jobs for you.
  • A bookies job can be difficult. You must budget and you must qualify your players and decide who to limit and how much to limit them to. You must know exactly where each dollar is going at all times and you certainly want to know who is beating you and who is losing. You need to keep both clients, the losers and the winners. There is a balance and you must find it.

You must do all of the little things such as taking bets, grading bet slips and updating a player balance. The PPH does all of this work for you. Find a great one today such The price is right ($7-$10 per head), and you pay nothing unless your player plays at least once per week. Ask for a free trial and get in today. Your players will love gambling 24/7 and you will see an added increase to your bottom line. You can’t afford to not offer horse betting. Offer the best track at no additional cost to you and you will reap the benefits. Call today.

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