Promotional Cryptocurrency Deal with Pay Per Head

As if Pay per Head sportsbooks didn’t offer enough already, they are going all in now, for you to get all that you deserve, in every way possible. We have talked a lot already about the many benefits that come from joining the PPH industry and how it makes it easier, affordable and safer to be able to work with a good, trusted Price per Head service provider, but the good things keep coming.

PPH companies are all about making it easier for a bookie and a player to be able to make their bets in a safe environment; simple, secure, clean. There is no doubt, this is the fastest way to set up a sports betting business, the cheapest and safest, for everyone involved.

However, payment methods remain as the hardest puzzle to solve for anyone in this business, always looking for fast bank transfers or different kinds of processors, involving all different kinds of fees and limits. Nowadays, a much better option has arrived and is growing steady in popularity among all Price per Head sportsbooks, and it’s cryptocurrency.

PPH Sportsbooks and crypto deals

Cryptocurrencies are not only being offered by many sportsbooks, but they are being promoted and pushed as a primary source for funding and dealing with agents and players all over the world. Many operations are coming up with huge deals and promotions, to encourage people to learn about different types of open source blockchain systems, currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or LiteCoin, among many others, and this is mainly because it’s safer for everyone involved, it’s fast and fees are kept to a minimum.

These types of payment methods have come to assure users complete discretion and anonymity, leaving no paper trail at all, making payments a lot more efficient, eliminating the need to go anywhere to make them, but rather just needing an internet connection to be able to do your business.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become a huge help and a very important tool for everyone involved in sports betting. In fact, according to some studies, around 50% of all Bitcoin transactions come from sports betting related activities. So, it’s time to stop and look around, make sure you’re offering only the best of the best. Most importantly, think about the simplicity of it, think of the amount of money you’ll be saving on transaction fees, cut out any extra steps to be able to just make your payments in a safe and secure way, no third parties involved. Cryptocurrencies allow you to make transactions instantly and anonymously, which is what everyone should aim for if you’re in the sports betting industry.

So, now that you’re bringing your operation to the next level, joining a good Price per Head service to make sure your services are the best out there, make sure you really are the best and are prepared for the future of sports betting. If you want to know more about this, give us a call right now and we’ll try to hook you upwith a PPH service that can give you the best deal for using cryptocurrencies.

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