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In the high stakes world of online gambling, it’s imperative that bookies stay on the cutting edge of technology. In order to do this, you must be well connected. Times have drastically changed, the old ways of operating a sportsbook are gone with the wind and the new ways are taking over, and in a hurry. The number one priority of any bookie should be an online presence. If you are not online, then you are failing yourself and you are losing business and you will continue to lose. This is not just an urgent issue, this is mandatory. Not only do you need to be online, but you must also be offering your clients a mobile app. Gamblers want to gamble 24/7, they want to gamble on the train, in the car, on the bus, at work, in the restaurant and anywhere they can. The only real way to offer them on-demand gambling is with a fantastic mobile app. You must be available on the desktop, but you must also be available on the mobile website.

  • With you have an advantage that other bookies on your block may not have. Not only do they offer the best in an online presence, but they also offer the very best and the latest technology in the form of a mobile app.
  • Practically every gambler on the planet uses a smartphone, do you know why? To check scores. This is a simple truth but a real truth that matters. When gamblers check their phone for scores, they have the power to touch that installed app that takes them to your website and leads them to spend money. This is your aim and your hope. We know this is reality. This generation, (Millennials) they especially appreciate the latest in technology and although they may not be the ones with the big money to spend, they certainly love to gamble, and they will gamble if the process is quick and easy.
  • Cater to everyone: Not only do Millennials us apps, Gen X certainly uses smartphones as well and they have money! If you appeal to Gen X, then you are appealing to the money crowd. You need and must look for verity when recruiting players. Of course, you will take a deposit from nearly anybody that’s willing to plunk down the green, however, getting them in the door is one thing, keeping them is entirely a different fight.
  • How can you keep players? This is a great question that must be addressed and must be tackled head-on.
  • Know who your players are. Get to know their gambling wants and needs. If you understand them, you can maintain them. If you know anything about them, they will quickly find their way to the competition. There is a pile of competition and they are easy to find. Do you know why? They all have a fantastic mobile app! We cannot overemphasize the importance of having an app. You must have this if you want the majority of your clients business.
  • We say “majority” what does that mean? Face the facts right now. The majority of your players are not going to be 100% faithful to you. There will be times when they stray. Every serious gambler has more than a few online bookies, and during the football season, you can count on them using every bookie they have. Don’t expect players to be 100% loyal to your cause, that’s not going to happen. What you must work towards is being all things to your client so they never forget who you are and how easy it is to dial you up on a mobile app.
  • Betting clients love to “shop around”,if they have a mobile app, they will be much less likely to do this very thing. What you   must do is offer the best customer service, the best lines, and odds, and an online wagering environment that’s on the cutting edge when it comes to a user-interface along with a top-notch wagering platform.

You can have all of this for around $10 per head. Be sure to give a call and ask them about their mobile app as well as their free trial. You can try them before you buy them and now is the best opportunity to take the leap with a pay per head.

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