Get a Full Set of Perks with This PPH Sportsbook

If you’ve been reviewing pay per head (PPH) services to join, the majority of them likely seem almost identical after awhile, but it’s the little perks that set the leaders apart from the competition.

The best PPH shops offer a level of service that the competition doesn’t. When you run a business, it’s always a smart idea to partner with service providers that have a great reputation.

Great Perks Offered at This PPH Bookie Service

Here are some of the perks you can expect when joining this PPH sportsbook.

  • Instant Set-Up: Want to start accepting bets today? How about within the hour? If you have the players looking to bet, this service will have your account set-up instantly.
  • Free Trial: Don’t worry about paying the per head fee for the first four weeks. This will allow you to get used to the software and get your players signed up on your new website.
  • Free Website: That’s right. You get your own website with your own domain name (URL). This will allow you to brand your sportsbook and make it easier to market your business.
  • Mobile Interface: Your players will be able to access their betting accounts on almost any mobile device. Having this feature will increase your turnover, as your clients can always bet.
  • 24/7 Service: Both you and your clients will be serviced 24/7 at this PPH sportsbook. If you need to make any customizations and need help, there are experienced reps to assist.
  • Real-Time Reporting: You can get a clear view of your sportsbook’s finances using any of the reporting features that are available 24/7 and updated in real-time.

The PPH sportsbook service also offers all of the typical features you’d expect to see. However, these extra perks described above are what set apart this service from the rest of the PPH shops.

The biggest perk is the 24 hours a day service from an experienced team. Nothing is worse than noticing your website is down and you can’t get ahold of a tech rep to resolve your issue quickly.

With this PPH sportsbook you never need to worry about that. Not only are techies working 24/7 in-house to get everything running smoothly, but they maintain and secure the servers.

One of the biggest risks when running your own website is that it gets hacked and you lose all of the data. This is why it’s not recommended to run your own website as a bookie.

By allowing the PPH shop to maintain and host your website, it’s one less problem for you. Your time should be spent finding new players and keeping your current clients happy.

While most PPH shops are happy to answer your questions prior to joining, they often become less easy to reach once you join and you’re basically on your own to figure everything out.

Most new bookies that join this service have very little, if any, web development experience. What they do have is a list of clients looking to place wagers with them.

Learn about Pay Per Head here


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