Croatia Open/ Swedish Open/ Bucharest Open – European Tennis Tournaments

While the top tennis players in the world have been battling it out at Wimbledon in the last few weeks, there have also been some other tournaments going on in Europe. The Croatia Open, Swedish Open, and Bucharest Open might not get the same attention that Wimbledon gets, but it still means just as much for the competitors in the respective tournaments. All three of these events got started last week, but will be wrapping up soon. It’s time to take a quick look at each European tournament and make a betting pick for each one of them.

Croatia Open

The Croatia Open is the longest running tournament held in the country of Croatia, as it began in the year 1990. This event was originally known as the Yugoslavia Open, but has recently changed names. The Croatia Open is one of just 250 ATP events around the world, but draws some of the top players in the world as well as a ton of fans to this terrific event. Carlos Moya is the all-time leader in tournament wins with a total of five, and he rattled off three straight victories from 2001-2003.

There are just 32 men’s players remaining at the Croatia Open field, but that number will be decreasing by the day. Salvatore Caruso is the top overall seed in this event, and he looks tough to beat. 2nd seed Rudolf Molleker might have something to say about it in the end, but that is likely going to be the matchup in the finals. Salvatore Caruso is the pick to win the Croatia Open.

Swedish Open

The Swedish Open is set to kick off on the men’s side on July 15 after the women wrap up their portion of the tournament. This will be the 72nd straight year that the men’s Swedish Open will be played, and the women just wrapped up their 10th annual tournament. Bastad Tennis Stadium in Bastad, Sweden will be the host site for this ATP tennis tournament this week. With Wimbledon having wrapped up a day before this tournament is set to begin, tennis fans will likely be glued to the television to watch this entertaining tournament.

Pablo Carreno Busta comes into this tournament as the top overall seed, but this is a very deep and talented group of players. There are a few round of 32 matchups that feature a pair of ranked tennis players, and it should make for a terrific tournament. Busta seems like a solid pick, but I’m leaning a different direction this week. Fifth seeded Constant Lestienne might seem like a big sleeper pick, but is the right choice to win the 2019 Swedish Open.

Bucharest Open

The Bucharest Open is much newer than the previous two tournaments, but that doesn’t mean that it takes a backseat to any of them. The Bucharest Open has been around since the year 2014, and will take place at Arenele BNR in Bucharest, Romania. This tournament is part of the Women’s Tennis Association, and doesn’t offer a men’s portion, which is highly unusual in this day and age. This tournament doesn’t start until after Wimbledon wraps up, and they have had some success in landing the big name players in recent seasons.

Anastasija Sevastova comes into this tournament as the top overall seed, and she deserves a long look at winning the Bucharest Open. Sevastova should cruise into the quarterfinals before things really get challenging. Viktoria Kuzmova is the second overall seed, and could challenge for the title as well. I’m hoping for a very fun and competitive tournament, but we have to go with the favorite here. Bet on Anastasija Sevastova to win the 2019 Bucharest Open.

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