Capitalize as an Independent Bookie

Sports betting has never been more popular. More people than ever are betting on sports. Another growing market is eSports, which is definitely a niche independent bookies can capitalize on.

Independent bookies need to focus on local clientele initially. Despite the competition from offshore bookmakers and licensed sportsbooks in some US states, local bookies still control more action.

Depending upon where you live and the size of your circle of family/friends, you’re also going to run into a lot of competition locally. There are 1000s of independent bookies operating in the US alone.

In order to stand out from the competition, especially when you’re new to the industry, requires you to offer your players perks not offered by other local bookies, such as lenient betting rules.

Many local bookies will have rules in place limiting certain action. For example, I know a lot of local bookies that’ll only allow you to bet on underdogs on parlays or up to 4 games on parlays.

To capitalize on the growing sports betting market, you need to be flexible. You should be willing to accept most action initially from players and gauge they’re skill level through their early results.

Ways to Capitalize as an Independent Bookie

Sports betting has been in the media a lot lately and more people are betting on sports. There are many ways to capitalize on this growing market as independent bookmakers.

  • Build a Brand: There are countless ways to market your bookie online, but you want to make sure you’re building a brand that people will remember. Having a custom website is vital. It’s also important to market your brand everywhere, including across social media.
  • Social Media: This deserves its own bullet point. There are millions of adults on social media and many of them interact with betting content regularly. All of the big bookmakers utilize social media, but one platform you need to use for sports betting is Twitter.
  • Niche: While you should never the betting options you offer your players, you can offer a big selection of betting options, while still focusing your marketing on niche markets. One way to attract local clients is to offer lower vig on local teams while you’re growing.
  • Loyalty: You want to reward your players, especially loyal ones that bet a lot. Losing players is never good. One way to reward players and to take action from your competitors is to offer bigger bonuses, better promotions and a rewarding loyalty program.

There has never been a better time to launch an independent bookmaking business. With the use of a PPH service, you can start your business today and begin marketing your website to players.

There’s more players looking to join and bet with bookies right now than ever, but the competition is more fierce than ever. This is why you need to utilize every little edge you can to sign-up players.

As an independent bookie you don’t have the overhead of the big online bookies. You can afford to lower your profit margins early on in order to offer promotions that players

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